Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Still alive...and posting on another Hump Day Dump Day

Sorry I've been MIA. Crazy crazy schedule lately. As always, I'll try to make up for it by posting lovely lovely things...

Lovely bedroom from Parlour Home the gold/grey/pink/white color combo and the lucite, as well as the campaign details on that bedside table

Love those little S/P shakers and the natural, organic feel of this whole setting

Of all the Fish in the Sea post this from Nest magazine....I like the large brass tray on the wall

Another example...PS is this not the chicest airstream you've ever seen? Love all the different textures and surfaces!

Grey color combo from Young House Love

What a perfect little outdoor space! Outdoor living room, as they say...

I love that outdoor spaces are getting the attention they deserve. Now that I live in an area where it stays warm and sunny most of the summer, I want an outdoor space to pretty up!

Check ti! Bamboo-ish dining chairs, a garden stool, and a console table....all this room needs is a little Imperial Trellis and it's an indoor shot from Lonny Magazine!

Speaking of imperial trellis, I love the mix of textures and styles/periods in this space. Stuffy Victorian with Kelly Wearstler with rustic barn goodness...

Same here. I'm big on all the textures.

I've never seen this grey-and-white version of this rug! Anyone know if it's from IKEA or Madeleine Weinreib?

Love this color palette...probably because it's basically what I chose for my home :)

This hallway from Live Like You (I think?) is so great and ballsy.

Prettiest blue ever? I think so. Love the inspiration board as well


  1. These photos are very inspiring :) I'm currently re-decorating (just moving furniture around and changing curtains/pillow covers) and I love these pegs! :)

  2. Thanks, good luck on your project!