Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another great UK source

Stumbled on another amazing online source from the UK. Bohemia. Pretty Moroccan poufs for $111.80. See?

The ever-popular nursery room pink:

For a 70s vibe..

Fun in a girly girl apartment

For those still in love with a good yellow/grey room

They also offer this option, which I find beautiful.

I prefer the bronze...I think it would give a room that little extra glam kick

They also have these square options, this one with a kilim/sequin top, others with cowhide tops. PS they also have cowhides and goat/reindeer hides for fairly cheap, but it looks like the US customs won't let them in :(

They also have these straw totes that I loved....this one is less than $16!! What?!

Go check the site out!

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