Thursday, 15 September 2011

Angie Hranowsky love

If I were to be forced to pick one designer to do up my entire house, I would hands-down pick Angie Hranowsky. I literally don't think she's touched a project where I didn't love at least something about it. I know I've posted many of these before, but they're just too amazing to bypass now that I've spent the last half hour drooling over her portfolio.

This post is dedicated to every picture I could find of this house, whose living area is literally my dream house. As in, I can't find one thing I would change about it. That's perfection, people!

Is this not the most perfect eclectic gallery wall you've ever seen? And I'm a sucker for beautiful wood against deep pretty!

That credenza is pretty awesome (I'd probably paint it white, now that I'm looking at the room isn't quiiiiiiite perfect ;) I like that she mixes vintage and modern seamlessly. Makes a room more interesting.

I'm not usually one for beige walls but it works here

Ummmm...that fireplace?! Yes please. Also love the pop of colorful suzani. The room is just mellow enough to relax in without being boring. That screen in the background is no joke either.

Another little living area. She must love that table, it's featured in a couple of her designs.

Such a pretty painting (photo?) of a shell...looks pink here but when seen from the living room it goes with the purple so well!

The eclectic goodness carries on through to the dining area. Love the bright magenta seat covers, the rug, and the funky lamps

Weird how different the colors look in this shot?
One pet peeve I will admit is having chairs randomly placed in a spot no one will ever use. Like really? Who would sit in this pretty chair when there's a dining table a couple feet away? A cute little dresser with a bar would have served a better purpose...

The kitchen is actually the only place in this house I wasn't in love with. I would replace those paper-looking lanterns with some funky Moroccan ones, and add a colorful kilim to liven up the space a little.

Love these bar stools tho!

Son's bedroom. Perfect for a little growing boy!

How GREAT is this?! Love the excessive pelmet for the daybed (is it called a pelmet when it's that big?) Bet that little girl feels like a princess every night. I also really want an elephant side table....what a lucky little girl!

So so so great. Side table was a weird choice but I'm willing to let it slide because of all the other goodness in the room.
I feel like the table is too dark for all the other pretty lightness. Maybe a lighter wood with a little less structure to balance out the hard edges of the chrome bed?

Even her bookshelves are beautiful. That bitch.

Up next? A review of a few other of her spaces! Stay tune!

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