Thursday, 15 September 2011

More Angie Hranowsky love...

We've all seen this I'm sure:
(Interior gold lampness is always good) It was one of the first images that really spoke to me when I started getting into interior design. However, I've never seen the rest of the room before today.

Apparently there's a little living area between the dining and kitchen areas. Interesting.

Angie's always good for a little ethnic/tribal vibe. One of the things that I think make her so successful is she always utilizes an unexpected palette to great success.

Like I said....pretty wood + deep purple = my fave. Love the grey/white zebra pillow too...still have to incorporate that idea into my house somehow. Hmmmm.

I think the scale of those flowered chairs is a little funny, but they're still pretty. Good idea to use a lucite table so you don't cover up the pretty fireplace. What a cozy little library/study area.

I'm sure you all saw this room in Lonny (Rue?). So many great prints combined, and I'd never think to use a yellow lamp and those grey-lavender walls. Goooooodness.

That yellow bed cover thing (what are those called?!). So So Good.

In addition to that table I pointed out in my last post, she likes to use this bottlecap art. The woman over the fireplace in this shot, and the girl in the first dining area shot are made completely of bottlecaps!

Such a deep, moody, interesting color on the walls, played up by deeper purples and brighter magentas to pull out the complexities of the wall color.

Dontcha just want to hang out with whoever lives here? Again with the strange proportions on that little yellow chair though...

Love me some Draper chest, hate me some I Married Adventure solely for the cover.

So what's your opinion on the great genius AH?? Would you let her decorate your entire house?

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