Monday, 19 September 2011

Etsy does my boyfriend's bedroom

Ever see images in magazines that look like they were all shopped from the same source?
Restoration Hardware produces some stereotypical shots like this. They look impersonal and flat, because there's no life to them and no sense of history. Well, I challenged myself to shop just from Etsy (I know, it's not exactly the same concept, but whatever) and came up with the following moodboard for a room I'd be happy to share with my significant other.

The Big Pieces:
I'd add metal legs to the trunk like the inspiration image on the bottom right, making the pie safe and trunk the same heights. Then I added an industrial bookcase for, duh, books (I don't trust people who don't own books) and the little rustic console table as a desk/vanity. Probably with a Louis ghost chair, which I forgot to look up on Etsy.

The Textiles/Bedding:
I'm actually obsessed with that suzani pillow that kicked off the entire color scheme. Oh, and I cheated a tiny bit...bedspread and sheets are from West Elm. Bedding was surprisingly sparse on Etsy? I'd get the textured duvet pictured here, but in the grey shown. Find items here:

The Pretties:
The prints are from my #1 most favorite artist on Etsy, TastesOrangey, Claire Elsaesser. I actually bought this print for my boyfriend: of course I had to use it in my dream joint bedroom. She sent it in the cutest package with a sweet little note too...I suggest you check her out. Sources:
Cream Globe Brass Bookends Black Room Print Dreamy Print November Print Books Letterpress LOVE Vintage Chandelier Brass Obelisk Geometric Candlestick Holders Vintage Hanging Lamps

So what might this look like all together? I'm glad you asked!

I'd use the vintage globe light as reading pendants, hang a pretty chandelier in the middle of the room to balance out all the manliness, and bring in touches of me with pretty little nicknacks. I like the mix of rugged/rustic and pretty, girly touches. I tend to be more tomboy than girly-girl, so I could see myself being very happy in this room :)

The point is, nowadays it's very possible to create a room with a lot of character and history, even if you shop from one source. Just be creative and don't settle for builder-box decor.

What do you think of my first attempt at a ghetto-rigged mood board?? Should I convince my boyfriend to take some of these steps, or do you think this design is all wrong?

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