Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Living room inspiration

Well kids, it's finally happened. I've moved into my new place and it's cute....but it needs a lot of work. Currently the roomates and I are trying to figure out how we want our living room to look. As I searched through my archives, I was able to elucidate a few basic ideas or things that our room should have.

1. Eclecticism. My favorite images are never all one style--they mix modern, vintage, traditional, and elegant styles into one cohesive look. Ideally, we want to mix our modern sofa, futon (I know, I know....we're still obviously grad students!) and entertainment center with more unique pieces that bring out a little boho flair but still look adult.

2. Unique accents with lots of texture. You can find all sorts of cool, one-of-a-kind pieces in thrift stores and on Craigslist. I just found the most amazing 60" hot pink upholstered bench that would have been AWESOME....but the $150 price tag was a little steep for these broke girlies :( However, pieces like the ones below would suit nicely. You can get some types of furniture for pretty cheap and paint them, like those amazing yellow chippendales and the yellow table (I see a color theme here...) and I like to look for pieces that have a unique shape, like the triangle table. And I want a sunburst mirror SO BAD!

3. Two little tables instead of one big coffee table. Not only can you usually find two small tables for a lot cheaper than a big one, in a small space like our living room it is nice to have the option to pull the tables apart when you have guests over or if we're all studying in the room at the same time. Flexibility = key on a small budget :)

Btw, the above living room was designed by a recent college grad and her mom--if she can do it on a limited budget, why can't we?

I like that these chrome tables with glass tops take up very little visual space.
4. Colorful throw pillows. Obviously. This one's a no-brainer--pillows are the cheapest, easiest way to brighten up a space and they can easily be changed out if you get sick of them!

So whaddya think? What other elements would you add to a budget living room?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pretty Pretty Things

Here's a post with no real theme.....just a bunch of pretty pretty things :)

How amazing is Olivia Wilde's dressing room? Looooove that antique mirrored glam!

This lucite trunk is such a fun living room table!

I love the recovered wood beam used as a mantle on this simple fireplace...

And I love the eclectic looks of both this living room and dining room....both nicely incorporate yellow Chippendale chairs! Love, love

And last but certainly not least, how chic is this beautiful bar cart and amazing black trellis wallpaper?
Images from: Live Like You, Live Like You, unknown, Elle Decor, unknown, and Lonny Mag