Monday, 19 September 2011

New readers! DIY Style It day!

Welcome to my new readers! Always exciting for me, hope you enjoy my posts! It's been a while since I've done a DIY post and I've saved up lots and many that I've had to divide it into sections....DIY Build it, craft it, paint it, sew/upholster it, and style it. Here are several (ok, way too many for one post, let's be honest) great examples of beautiful styling :)

Great example of mantle style, plus I like the handled baskets and the mirror to open everything up

A) Why is that hide so tiny? B) Those suitcases are cute

I want an overly ornate, giant mirror. And lots of white candles and vases to fill with pretty things. And a fireplace to style.

Just bought myself a tray for the top of my Moroccan table base (see update on this post). Now trying to figure out how to style it yet retain function. This is great inspiration!

Painted piano (always controversial) used as a bar...what do you think?

Love the mirror, obviously. Also love the baskets and coordinating fabric under the sink

Vintage letterpress holder as jewelry storage

Love this room. So cozy and clean. More tray styling inspiration, although I'm actually not a fan of this

I have started buying a postcard at every trip I go I'm looking for ways to keep them accessible. Like this card holder!

Cloche. Makes any item instantly look intentional, and like art...

See? Seriously!

Emily Henderson has literally never designed anything where I couldn't find some sort of inspiration. She's genius. I like these three dressers pushed together to make a buffet.

Wouldn't this be so cute in a nursery?

I'm always a fan of shelves with overlapping art

Tiny little bench with great pillows

I dig contrasting styles, like golden/Regency sconces and more modern candlesticks

Coffee table table, period, but I also like that it's not so busy you can't still use it

Someday I'll have a giant beautiful mirror to put over my equally beautiful fireplace. Shoulda just made a whole post of fireplace styling

Glove molds as bookends

I see these little trays all the time at flee markets. This would be a great use for them.

Mantle as shelving/bookcase.

I like the organization of this....tops of the bottom frames and bottoms of the top frames line up, but it still has an organic feel since the frames are all different sizes. I think this would work well with frames that don't match, too

I never get tired of basic necessities being prettily displayed

I love how personal this gallery is...for example, the framed drawing of an eye. At the house I grew up in I framed a drawing my mom did in college of a hand making the "I love you" sign. Wish I'd brought it to UT with me!

I like the little nook under the sink for displaying something pretty. I also never tire of the natural wood against white look.

Here, the TV is the last thing you really focus on because of clever styling. Although I wonder if it's annoying having the mirror reflect the light when you're trying to watch tv? Either way, good styling inspiration!

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