Thursday, 15 September 2011

2 amazing things you should look at

First up, brand new online mag Heart Home. Chock full of DIY goodness, like below

String lights hanging from hook, with images clipped to it. Be careful about heat on precious items tho!

Personalize that stereotypical IKEA sofa with iron-ons or macrame

This is basically my dream home....hate most of their decor/furniture, but looooooove the loft!

Love me some mason jars, for any reason, really

I'm kind of over bus rollers but thought the idea could work in other contexts...such as writing your favorite poem on a curtain roller?

Secondly, because of this magazine, I stumbled upon an awesome website with crazy amazing lighting. It's all in British pounds, and idk if they ship to the US....but holy hell someone needs to buy one of these. Website: Lighting goodness, click here.

Here are my favorites:
This one is blowing my mind. It's cool glass balls (which I love) combined with mini chandeliers (love). Seriously, does it get better than this?!?! I think not.

However, these are close seconds, not too shabby...

Some people dig this natural shit...pretty nice

Pretty blue glass

I wonder how this would look in real life....yellowy or more gold?

Slight Moroccan vibe, so you know I love it.

A couple pretty lamps...

Awful shade....perhaps you could choose a better one from one of these:

My favorite shade!

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