Thursday, 30 June 2011

Inspiration from Sara Tuttle

If I ever get my own place (which is looking less and less likely due to stupidly limited housing options in SLC--at least in my admittedly small price range), I want that overall feel of it to be a lot like Sara Tuttle's beautiful home. Like so:

This bedroom is nearly perfection in my eyes.

Seriously what's not to love here? My favorite aspect is how it feels collected over time. Most of her pieces have their own unique kick to them which brings a fun energetic eclectic mood to the place. I'd love to move right in!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Long-overdue DIY Day

Strap in guys, this is a long one:


little study nook with hanging baskets of pens/supplies and a chalkboard

Looks like the 'headboard' is made of a small space it makes for good storage (or at least a shelf to put your necessities)

I could paint that

As always, the nailhead trim gets me

Seems like the bf could cut out the inside of this real easy

More studded fabric doors. Seriously can't get enough

Seems like you could paint these real easy, and they're like $4 a piece at IKEA

It's a all pretty, but the world map on the right is what really grabbed my attention

Easy DIY with storage to boot.

Wallpaper roller shade
elements of style
This would be perfect for right by the front door--leave notes and a place to throw your keys, etc

Unique bathroom in what could be a very ugly space...I like the skirt around the sink that provides easy storage
Studding on the couch...mmmm....

I like the wall pattern on the top
mustard ceiling

3 wall mirrors, horizontal, makes a cheap large-scale wall at

mustard ceiling

painting emphasizes the pretty mirrors without being an overwhelming "accent wall"

studio 42
I like the curtain "wall"....could be a great solution for a studio

meg braff
This person tiled a plywood board so she can take her backsplash with her when she leaves and spice up her kitchen while she's here

Pattern via tile in the same color, different iridescence

Monthly calendar on washi tape

short bench with 2 suitcases makes a cute entry console

Live creating yourself
Mirrored sconces bounce candle light like crazy

live creating yourself
Aphro chic--cool pattern

I like the white dress-belt-jean shirt combo.

Cool pull-apart table

Varying hues of blue....just beautiful and subtle

Ribbon-pull drawer handles

Frame useful objects--could use as entryway "console table" with a hook for your jacket and shelf for your keys

I like the simple console with the elaborate trim

glam lamb
Grey and white zebra stripes....subtle but splashy at the same time

Can barely see it...but framed wallpaper sample over the kitchen table

Really easy DIY table at the end of the bed with studs

Dwell studio
I like the plain top that goes with everything and a contrasting, patterned fabric for the sides

Got a small hallway/awkwardly-sized room? Make it into a library!

Beautiful headboard.

Table from the first pic, in a beautiful room

Bazaar of serendipity
She hung the curtains from hospital track so it was all the way to the ceiling--draws the eye up and is less visually cluttered than a typical curtain rod/rings

Bazaar of serendipity
Plant and stand inside lucite side table....pretty room to boot!

bazaar of serendipity
Tiny furniture can pull off patterns. Plus I think the bf could make me a similar bench at work. And, as always, I love the studded side table

bazaar of serendipity
Such a cheery kitchen in what could've been a dump. I like the fabric curtain and striped rug

apartment therpay
Pretty living room! Simple and gorgeous :)
Ala Mode
Sweet paul

Could be pretty painted

I'm a sucker for details like the ribbon on the pillows

Rug idea: ornate pattern with polka dots

Another rug idea

Good conversation starter!

This makes a really cool repeat pattern....they made drop cloth curtains

Looooove this fabric by Robert Allen