Friday, 23 September 2011

Window treatments

Curtains are never something I feel justified in spending a lot of money, despite many designers' insistence that lighting and curtains are most important in creating a mood in a room. However, it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a pretty curtain setup.

One of my favorite things to make a room look polished is a pretty pelmet/cornice board. I'm fortunate to have really pretty vintage-y window casings so I won't make any for this place, but I loooove the look of the one above.

I'm debating using half curtains in my living room--half covered to block out the neighbors, the top uncovered to let the light in. I might make them out of the Khanjali fabric I'm still waiting to arrive....what are your thoughts on half curtains?

Love the way this cornice/pelmet makes an awkward room feature into a beautiful statement

I like the tailored look of these Roman shades

These aren't window curtains obviously, but the pelmet idea still holds and looks fantastic! What drama in a small guest room :)

Same idea great!

Another none-traditional use of pelmets :)


  1. Hello Meghan!
    I've never thought of using half curtains simply because i have no windows. Most houses here in greece have door-windows (?!?!???) for stepping outside, so half curtains cannot be used. Nevertheless I think it's an interesting idea and I'm waiting for photos when you fix them. Have a nice weekend!

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