Monday, 19 September 2011

Bookcase pretties

Just pure bookcase style love tonight. Because unlike fireplaces, which I don't have, and therefore I can't justify their own post, I am in the business to get a bookcase, for which I need styling many commas for one grammatical awful sentence. Anyway.

Design Manifest has some pretty bookness.

I always like something hung on the front, especially when it's a pretty little mirror (basically exactly what I've been searching--in vain--for). I'm kind of over the whole color-coded bookshelf thing though, are you?

Again. Cool mirror = cool bookshelf

Sometimes bookcases are prettiest covered in glass fronts.

In a small space, a bookcase can double for a bar :)

The best-styled bookcases mix fun items that show your personality with actual books

Which was your fave? Why?

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