Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How do we feel about..

Plus THIS:

??? The table base is 17.5" diameter, the awesome coppery tray is 18"....is that too little overlap? Does this combo look as awesome in your heads as it does mine? Is it worth $30 (and yes, I've checked all over for other brassy/coppery/silvery/gold trays and nothing is big enough or flat enough)....

Your opinions please??

UPDATE 9/19: I ended up going with this top, also $29.99 at World Market:
Because the one above was just too small for the base and didn't provide enough contrast to be noticeable. I originally didn't want to go for the stereotypical embossed tray top but I really love it now it's in my home!


  1. Would you plan on painting the base? I think you could make it work if you painted the base--either making it a bright color so the entire piece is kind of eccentric or by painting a more neutral color to allow for the copper tray to stand out.

    Ah - might be a bit busy, though. I'm torn. It's one of those things that could either work magnificently or not work at all. You might just have to go for it and give it a try to find out.

    For trays, though, have you tried Goodwill? A few weeks back I found a huge (18 - 20 inch round) real silver serving tray for $7.00. It was tarnished pretty badly, but a few rounds of silver cleaner took care of that no problem. I also found a brass serving tray (12 inch diameter) with a ledge and handles for $1.99. I don't always get such great finds, but I had a lucky day.

    Best of luck.

  2. I've now seen your inspiration photo. I'm a bigger fan of the silver top on black painted bottom, but I think the brass top on black bottom looks nice as well. I'll definitely be interested to see the final outcome.

    Love the inspiration photos!

  3. Hi Jess, thanks for commenting!! I've been searching all over the internet (ebay, etsy, amazon...) for trays in a similar size but haven't yet made it out to any Goodwills etc...what great finds you had! I like a tarnished silver look so that wouldn't have been a problem for me ;) Hope you keep tuning in and giving your opinion, I've enjoyed your suggestions!