Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Today's pretties

Someday, when school gets less crazy, I promise I'll stop doing bullshit posts of everything I like mashed together. someday.

As mentioned before I have a minor obsession with elephant tables. I like how they made a bigger coffee table out of 2 small elephants....easy peasy!

This is just good. That's all.

Since discovering that my boyfriend can get any 2D object laser-cut at his work, I've been obsessing over mirrors (post to come)....this one is pretty spectacular and FREE is much better than the gazillion dollars I'm sure this cost (from Z Gallerie)

Looooooove that dark murky teal. Pretty fabulous bar setup too. I tried painting a table this color this weekend....turns out the depth of color is pretty hard to replicate. I'll take pics's much brighter than this.

My vanity has this same top treatment--different color on the top

Don't you love the curvy black and gold goodness of this table?

Think I posted this before actually....still good.

Good play of textures/styles

Happy kitchen.

Good masculine/industrial side table to balance out the girliness of the room.

Clever poster....

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tryin to clean up my's a long one.

Same story, different pretty things to look at

What a cheery house. I'd love to come home to those drapes and that chair.


Vignette perfection.

I'm digging the blue wall color, but I don't really think this room looks like "Carrie"...

Speaking of Carrie, I Love that mirror. My boyfriend says it looks like a 'mirror mirror on the wall' fairytale mirror, and I think he's right (and silly).

It's amazing what a little painted wood trim can do to bring architectural detail to an otherwise builder-grade room.

SJP's diningroom...I love all the different chairs that are cohesive because of the same color.

I'm not normally a fan of kitchens, period, but I looooove this one. I'd get different cabinets but I am obsessed with the lighting, the texture of the chairs, and the silvery backsplash. So glam!

that wallpaper....a Sharpie and ruler (and a free weekend) could accomplish the same, no?

Beaaauuuutiful. I recently discovered that I can get boatloads of free canvas/stretcher bars from my boyfriend's work so I'm trying to plot out my next attempt at art....this watercolor plus black ink drawing effect is topping my list.

I want flowers like this for my wedding (that isn't even close to being in the works, much less an engagement, but still...a girl can dream. Unfussy, cheerful, and beautiful.

May have shared this before? Still beautiful!

Easy DIY to bring some color in....multicolored strings/yarn and two long sticks is all it takes!

mmmmmm wine....
I'm minorly in love with this sofa. Although I'm more of a fan of rounded arms (I tend to nap on the couch a lot...)

I don't necessarily like the design here, but I love the little nook this area provides. If I ever design my own house it will have a nook like this. Perfect for a console table?

DIY project: split a table in half, paint it a bright cheery color, install on both sides of a bed....

and voila! loving the navy/magenta combo too btw...

That. Floooooooooor!!! Possible DIY? Could turn out terribly....but it's beautiful!

this bookcase is like art itself.

I love the cheery yellow panels against the gray/white scheme.

Love the metal tooled silver stools. Love the lacquered banquet, although I wouldn't do orange personally...I think orange and red in a home are stress-inducing for me.

Don't really like this room together, but I would take many of the pieces individually. The floor may be painted? Which I like.
I can't imagine ever owning a couch this frilly but if I did, I'd dress it down this way too.

This is what I'd put in the nook by the stairs I mentioned above. Looooove me some card catalog goodness!

See below for several other shots of this space. love it, and the color combo, and the La Florentina print.

Glam side table, seriously made from a dried-out log, stain, and IKEA table legs.

Good styling

Another kitchen I love....mostly because of the chandelier, it's so beautiful! If I could design my own kitchen I'd do white cabinets, a darker countertop, an island, and some open shelving interspersed.

Love the moody color combo here. More artwork inspiration.

I like the little library up in the loft, and the mellow, soothing design of the house. If I had a summer home it would look like this.

Great artwork, great pillows (although there are way too many) and the rug looks pretty fab too

More artwork I want to try my hand at....this are so unbelievably beautiful

I know they're kinda tacky, but one day I want to own an elephant side table! I think they're funny

More shots of the livingroom from above. I like how the pillows coordinate but don't at all match. Artwork is pretty grand too.

Not sure exactly what draws my eye here....but it's good.

I like the little vases on top of the mirror/cabinet.

Sexy black-on-grey stripes....I think that glossy black over eggshell black would be pretty glamorous too. I wonder if the bf would go for this at his house?

I'm a sucker for a white room with a great mix of pillows. Cool starburst mirror too.

Kelly Wearstler inspiration tray that makes me want to go collect cool things together.


I like everything going on behind that woman, and to the side of her too.

Too mellow for my tastes but I like this little corner nook, the moroccan poof table, and the piping on the sofa.

White plus color = my fave.

Painted likey.

Wider shot of the room with the log side table above...just as glam

Painting + lyrics/poem = inspiration for my next piece

Calming nursery with lots of personal/practical touches

Hot pink paint takes this somewhat boring bookshelf to a real show-stopping design statement.

This whole house, via AT, looks like homemade love. So cute/comfortable, I want to be a guest there.

Love the bedspread

Easy DIY (see below)

Same story, different beauties to behold

Easy DIY with paint chips from Home Depot.

This room is fairly IKEA right? Wrong. Check out what a difference the painted trim makes on those walls...really pops against the light grey/blue
May have posted this before...check out the paint job

Awesome way to dress up the bookcase, and it makes such a difference!

I don't like the chest necessarily, but more the balls-to-the-wall attitude this decorator took in her design