Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Craigslist dresser before and after

The BF just bought a cheapo point-and-shoot camera to snap shots when we go canyoneering. So I promise that photo quality on this here bloggity blog should improve. Until then, more crappy camera photos to prove that nearly any piece of furniture can be improved with paint.

Image from KSL (local newspaper classifieds). Horrific spray-painted purple top and drawers, tacky blue handles. Prime for repainting! Sanded it down, stripped the paint from the handles, and repainted.

And Voila!
Draper-esque, no? The insides of the drawers are pretty blue too for a nice surprise. The drawers are still a little sticky but it works for my undies, towels, pjs, etc....and I think it classes up my little bathroom corner! :)


  1. Great find! What a wonderful transformation! It looks 10 times better!


  2. Hi

    I just came across your blog, and I'm a fan. I am obsessed with re-doing CL furniture right now -- I just finished my first dresser.

    I love how you incorporated the accents of the wood into your design. Beautiful job!