Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bedroom moodboards

Hi lovelies!
I know I promised an office moodboard, but I'm still working on it and in the meantime whipped up a couple moodboards for my boyfriend's bedroom! He's sick of looking at my moodboards having a hard time picking a palette so I'm putting it to your vote!

We're planning on painting a grey accent wall where his bed will go, keeping the rest of the walls very white (the bedroom is in the basement and gets decent but not great light).  We also plan to make a headboard and hang mirrors to bounce more light around.  He has sheets (the white/grey ones from West Elm that I've posted before) and this cool poster I gave him made entirely of roads in the US for over the bed. That's it though--almost a total blank slate!

Option one: He likes my green Crate and Barrel (now discontinued) comforter, so I chose that as my first color.  Then added his sheets and map and a pretty pillow (Braemore Cloud, pretty girly so I don't feel out of place ;). I also found plans to make these simple bedside tables ($16.50 a pop!) and would hang black and white framed photos with mirrors interspersed.  We would make a headboard, possibly something like the lower left image.

Option two: I was recently in Z Gallerie and fell in love with this indigo duvet set. We'd still do grey walls and grey striped sheets but do an Ikea Rast hack like below (Love how they added molding to the ugly bottom--oh and did you see this new Ikea dresser?? Hackable for suuuuure!) and make our own headboard, maybe like this one. Then we would add one of the below mirrors...can't decide if I like the wood tone or gold better?

Last but not least, the same basic board as number two with a few changes. We'd make bedside tables using these plans, stained a dark brown.  Then add mirrors--either a simple one from Ikea or perhaps I could buy leaded glass mirrors from the local shop and spray them with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint to make them mirrors?

Which do you like best?? Any suggestions? Hate them all?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Back in Action! Office moodboard

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been AWOL.  Finished up grad school and accepted a new job, so I've been busy!

Of course, now that I'm officially hired at a real-person job, I've started daydreaming about my real-person office.  Since I'm working at a hospital in the cancer wing, I doubt my cubicle will be pretty....but I can dream :)

Here are my inspiration images:

Can you see a pattern?? I'm planning to use a color palette of dark teal-y blue, gold, white, and small pops of fuschia. Colorful enough to keep me energized, but not so crazy that I can't concentrate! Big plans on the way, I'm cooking up a moodboard as I type :)

Check back in soon!