Saturday, 30 April 2011

Time to take stock

Alllll right people. With three months left on my lease, I'm already anxious to (hopefully) move in to a studio all by my big-girl self soon. I've decided to take stock of everything I own, so I know what I'll have to furnish my new place with as well as what colors, textures, etc I will need to eventually combine together into one big color story.

Here goes....don't judge, I moved across the country 8 months ago with just one load of possessions :)

  • bed with dusky purple sheets, grassy green duvet, shams, accent pillows, etc
  • DIY headboard that my mom and I made. It's beautiful.
  • brown silky curtains that are currently covering my closet
  • cane-backed chair with dusky purple velvet cushion
  • beautiful light purple antique desk (my FAVORITE thing I own, which I use as a vanity)
  • dark wood bench with dusky purple velvet cushion that I use at the vanity (I sanded and restained it a dark stain before I moved from MN)
  • dark side table with beautiful mirrored cobalt top (sanded/restained the same stain as the bench before I moved from MN
  • 2 lucite lamps
  • 1 small plant stand used as bedside table
Living room/dining room:
  • 15 feet worth of (cheap!) gauzy white full-length curtains (which, now that I think of it, I shouldn't paint/tweak until I move because the colors I end up using may change)
  • 2 coffee tables: one dark wood that I'm redoing, and one white/bright blue/black that I've already redone
  • 1 floor lamp
  • 1 bench painted white/grey/bright blue
  • dining table painted white/grey
  • blue chair, found on my lawn one day
  • grassy green vintage hamper (literally from my Grandma--I love it!)
  • 1 large lucite lamp (with white shade that I plan to paint/cover)
  • 2 plants: 1 aloe with large geometric yellow holder, 1 small blue holder with cactus
Art I made:
  • "In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul," small squares/rectangles
  • fuschia/yellow/lime flying bird art, 18X24"
  • giant flying bird art: blue, purple, navy, pink, green, yellow, 2 3X4 foot panels, vertically stacked
  • 1 long skinny painting of Chile with grey frame, maybe 6"x1'?
  • 1 painting of the sun with white frame
  • 1 framed "Feel Beautiful" magazine tearout
Art I bought:
  • small (3"x4") boy playing guitar (from Honduras)
  • view of Vina del Mar cityscape (from Chile), perhaps 18"x24"
  • watercolor map of the world, 12X15"
Moral of this story? I'll need more seating (couch, duh!), I should hold off painting the curtains, and I'm not going to buy/make a rug until I move into the new place. Done.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Things I think are beautiful lately

Lotsa really good inspiration lately. Here goes:

I've been looking for a way to spruce up a boring white lampshade...this subtle zebra print is just the ticket.

Good way to add architectural interest to a builder-box room: buy a fireplace mantle

Goooooorgeous :)

I think that black/white striped accent wall is so chic

MDF board + chalkboard paint = electrical box disguise

Small room, interesting furniture. I like the console table behind the chairs--it's interesting, and eliminates the need for side tables

Love me some Moroccan wedding blankets, but I think this one looks a little funny on the wall. I'm really in it for the white couch + interesting pillows and art

This is a fairly neutral space (designed for Molly Sims!) but it's interesting because of all the great textures....spots, stripes, sequins, interesting artwork and coffee/accent tables...yummy.

Aaaaand here's pretty much the opposite of that last room. Explosion of textures, pillows, a great inspiration board, great colors!

Nate Berkus, obviously. Beautiful.

I love me some boho glam! And is that tray inset into the tufted leather coffee table? Functional and pretty :)

Had to post this. Wouldn't it be great in one of the above rooms? I'm a bit obssessed...

I love this idea....blow up a meaningful letter, postcard, envelope, etc

Why did they cover up the window? I don't know. But I love the rest of it so much I just don't care.

And that's a peak into my brain for the day!

Rug pattern ideas

I mentioned a while ago that my roommate moved out, taking with her the living room area rug. Since then, our (admittedly pretty) hardwood floors have been pretty cold underfoot, so I've been trying to find rug ideas. Because I'm ridiculously broke (ohhhh the life of a grad student...) I'm leaning towards making one. Drop cloth + painted pattern + rug pad + rubber cement...yes?

So all that's left to do is decide on the pattern. Here I've posted a few inspiration pics...

(inspiration comes in all forms :)

Pretty kitchen, but I really like the grey-on-white pattern of the rug!

Translate this into a flat surface, obvs.

And this is the tape job someone did on their wall....picture it as the finished product

This seems like it woul be pretty easy?

Do you have any ideas? I'm probably looking for a simple geometric repeating pattern, not too busy. Suggestions are welcome :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

On my mind: Blue + curtains

Sooooo...since my roommate moved out and took the curtains, and I subsequently bought cheap-ass (literally $5, from Walmart...ugh) sheer white curtains, I've been trying to find a way to dress them up. And my living room has a blue/green thing going on. + curtains.

Maybe I could sew (I mean...iron on....) ribbon trim?

This option could work too

Or maybe I should paint some chic contrasting stripes?

Loooooooove this murky hard to get it right!

Here it is again

Cobalt is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors too

Ahhhhh....what a great mix of soothing yet punchy blue

All-blue curtains?

Ahhhhh I just don't know. So many options.

Small Space Inspiration

Ever since I have started thinking about moving into a studio, it seems like small-space inspiration has been finding me everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites:

This space utilizes a lot of the top tips for small spaces. They have plenty of lighting, including a mirror placed so it reflects light from the window to visually expand and brighten the space. They also use a credenza, which provides storage space will looking more visually streamlined than, say, a dresser. Additionally, they use a scale-appropriate sofa with streamlined lines and a sleek chair for extra seating. Another great idea are the clear acrylic mini tables that visually lighten the room and 2 small benches that don't take up a lot of space but function as extra seating or to set down a drink. Lastly, they use an area rug that delineates the living from sleeping area, even though the bed is RIGHT there.

Here's the same room, different angle. More small space tips: they manage to work in a desk area and bedside table while continuing the design flow. I like the accent wall with decorative trim painting, another mirror to bounce light around, and clean, classic bedding that doesn't add visual clutter. The slim lines of the floor lamp adds lighting without taking up a ton of space. I can't get over how awesome this space is...good job Ron Marvin!

Small, long rooms can be hard to design. They do a good job here with the desk at the foot of the bed and contrasting curtains to make the bed area really pop.

Here's another Ron Marvin-designed room, with similar methods for opening up a small area. He doesn't use curtains/blinds, which is strange for a bedroom, but also works to spread light. The sleek lines of the furniture, including a slim coffee table with glass top, and classic, simple bedding makes this room seem less cluttered that you would think.

In a small room you need to utilize every space. I like this idea from Bright Bazaar to add magnets to pretty tins to hold writing utensils, etc, on the fridge.

In a lot of small living areas, there isn't much storage space. Because they used similar simple glass containers, this little bar cart doesn't look so much like storage but adds to the appeal of the room.

Sometimes benches are a good option to keep from blocking off views but still provide seating/a coffee table feel.

In a small space, you gotta work with what you've got. Here, the Glamorai specially designed a table to go behind the couch in order to use an awkward, small space most efficiently.

Sometimes closets aren't an option. This adds a bright punch of color and sleek storage space. Look on Design Sponge for a tutorial. This is also the same tutorial Katuut Marut (sp?) used to make the screen made of a sheet/material that I showed a bit ago. Another great small space idea to break a studio into separate spaces.

See how pretty screens can be?

Last but not least, look how this renter used every possible space to her advantage. Small tables function better than one big table because they can be easily moved to suit needs and aren't so visually cluttering.

Hope you enjoyed this collection of ideas! Makes me want to move...TODAY!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sometimes, you just need to look at pretty things.

These really have nothing in common other than I really really like them and they're pretty and oh yeah I pretty much want everything in them. That's all.

Blue + green + dark woods + white = my living room.

Loooooooove this room. Jewel tones, natural wood, ethnic vibe. I'm sold. I will move in.

Love me some Emily Henderson.

Such a cute little saving and interesting.

I flagged these last 2 rooms separately....then noticed how much they look alike.

Pretty, no?