Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Updates on my studio

Just paid my 2nd rent check so I figured it's about time for an update on how things are looking at my studio. Most likely no one is interested, but I find that posting things helps point out to myself what still needs to be done.

Things to do/change:
  • I want to move the microwave (big black box by the sink) but don't have anywhere else to put it right now
  • I need to buy a tension rod and make a curtain for that space under the microwave to hide the art supplies I store there
  • Paint the large frame around my Chile painting white. Originally yellow, I painted it grey at my old place to set it off from the white walls. Now that my walls are grey/creamish, white would look better.
  • Coffee table needs to go. I want something smaller with a cushion on top so I can prop up my feet. I found a really cool table base at a local antique shop that looks very similar to the table in the pic below...I'd paint mine white though. Not sure what fabric I'd put on top? Hmmmm....

Overall I'm ok with this space, mostly because there's not a whole lot else I can do.
However, I do want to:
  • Cover all my textbooks with brown paper bags and write their titles in gold Sharpie. Sounds ghetto but look how pretty my inspiration pic is!
See those books in the fireplace? Also love the gold mirror and white vases with flowers :)

I've set up a tiny little entryway station on top of my grandma's green hamper that holds my blankets.
Things to do:
  • Get a tray to put everything on so it looks more intentional and organized
  • Put up a fabric-covered corkboard next to the door for invites/cards/etc
  • Hang the two large paintings on the wall on the right.
  • Something's off about the two photo frames to the right of the door too....?
Start of a gallery wall over my vanity/kitchen table (studio, ya gotta multipurpose ;) I just put this up yesterday and I love seeing all my favorite people and mementos all in one spot when I have dinner and get ready in the morning.
Thing to do:
  • Move the desk a little left so the 'entryway' table has a little more breathing room. Can't go too much left because then there's no room at the stove...
Closeup. I want to put up a mirror to the right of the lamp, balance it out a little more that way.

This corner is pretty much set, except for hanging those two large paintings.

Then there's my bathroom, which is a disaster right now but I just bought a dresser, am refurbishing it, and will whip that all into shape in no time :)

So what do you think? Suggestions? Things you like? Things you hate?

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  1. I love what you are doing. As with every style or type of home it becomes a "fun" work in progress. You will find that as your needs change you will be be reworking your home and while challenging it is also fun to get those creative juices flowing. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy and have fun. Good Luck and Best Wishes