Monday, 31 July 2017

Portland House Hunting

Guess what guys? We're house hunting! Well, to be more accurate, house scouting. Since we just paid for our wedding, we need to take a little time to refill the coffers for a down payment, but we've started poking around neighborhoods in Portland where we could see ourselves living.

We visited an open house for the cutest little home yesterday, and while we probably won't be able to pull the trigger on this house before it sells to someone else it sold within 3 days to someone else, it did get me excited thinking about the decor possibilities. I put together some design boards of how I'd decorate this house if I were lucky enough to call it my home:

Entryway and Office:
This house opens to a tiny entryway with a similarly tiny office space to the left: 

Brentwood Entry/Office

I'd start by painting the entry hallway with Benjamin Moore's Icing on the Cake. I'd add a pretty ceiling light, round mirror and narrow floating drawers, then finish it off with a hide rug that can take some wear and tear. 

In the office area, I'd fashion it into a bit of a library, but it would also need to serve as a drop zone for jackets and shoes. I'd add narrow bookcases around hooks and a boot tray on the shared office/entryway wall, the put a desk and comfy chair opposite that. This space would be a great spot to do a fun temporary wallpaper that you could glimpse from the living room. 

Living Room: 
The living room is small but gets great light! 

Brentwood living room

I'd start by painting the living room the same color as the entryway, a cool aqua color. Then I'd add a sofa on the window wall facing a console with the TV and some stools that can be pulled out for guests. I'd keep things bright and colorful, adding floating shelves around the TV to hold our artwork and plants, then a small end table and blanket ladder on either side of the sofa. In the corner by the office I'd add some closed storage and more art. 

Dining Area: 
Although small, the space between the living room and kitchen could be used as a dining area.
Brentwood Dining Area

There isn't much space, so I'd put a bench on the wall where you can see they have a dresser currently. I'd add a round table for better flow and two upholstered chairs that could be repurposed in the living room for guests. I'd finish it off with some room jewelry--a  pretty chandelier over the table.

For a small home, the kitchen is fairly sizable and in good condition.

Brentwood Kitchen

The kitchen is fine how it is, but a bit warm-toned for my taste. Replacing the orange floors with black and white tile (or maybe these gorgeous herringbone basalt tiles?) would cool things down a bit, then eventually I'd probably paint the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets a dark teal color. I'd match the overhead light with the one in the entryway for continuity and add a narrow counter-height table for more prep space. 

The bathroom is the least updated space in the house, but it's very functional.
Brentwood Bathroom
I'd start by removing the mirror and replacing it with something a bit more interesting. Eventually I'd probably replace the vanity entirely, but for the time being it could be updated with some charcoal paint. I'd paint the wood window sash white (it's the only window sash in the house not painted), then go all Millenial Pink on the walls. Adding in black accessories with small hits of olive green will modernize the look.

Master Bedroom: 
The main bedroom is actually pretty generously sized, and I love the existing paint color. 

Brentwood Master Bedroom

I'd turn the bed 90 degrees from the window and add a small dresser under the window along with striped curtains. A rattan headboard would bring some nice texture, as would the gorgeous wool rug and velvet shams. I'd do a little pattern mixing with the floral duvet and dotted sheets, then flank the bed with simple end tables. Lastly I'd add some paintings by Clare Elsaesser over the headboard.

Guest bedroom:
This is definitely the biggest downside of this house--the spare bedroom is only 8x11ft. 

Brentwood Guest Room

To help maximize the floor plan, I'd use a daybed against the wall where they have their bed/desk combo. A fun rug draws attention to the pretty wood floors, and the rest of the space could be filled with mirrors and plants to bring a little life and light to the small space. 

What do you think? Would you ever live in 928 square feet? We currently live in 620, so 928 feels like a nice fit for us :)

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Quick Design: Dark Floral Powder Room

Dropping by with a quick dark, moody powder room design! I found this giant floral mural on Etsy and couldn't resist pairing it with this dramatic ceiling light and the hot color of the year, blush pink. 

Quick Design: Powder Room

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Backyard Design Dreaming

Now that my wedding is over, I have brainspace to once again play around with design and other creative pursuits, not to mention more financial resources at my disposal!

Here's a little backyard design situation I dreamed up. All of the products are actually designed for outdoor (who else haaaates it when bloggers post images using indoor pillows outside? Like who's actually going to truck the pillows inside and outside depending on weather?? #aintnobodygottimeforthat).


That gingham umbrella is just so darn cute! What's your latest outdoor design find?