Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

3 amazing home tours

Lately I've run across a series of homes that I would happily take as my own. Now I'm off to analyze and figure out how to combine the best of all three into my dream home :)

First up, a beachy bungalow from Apartment Therapy. I love this home for the cheery feel and lighthearted attitude. I want to be friends with these girls, which I feel is a great sign of a beautiful, personal home.

Cheery beachy livingroom

Ok I think it's stupid to turn books around just for color effect....but seriously, the rest is killer.

Love that wall color! I also am in love with those paintings

The Moroccan blanket makes this room....the Beni rug doesn't hurt I guess either ;) Lately I've been really into neutral, textured rooms, and this fits the bill.

Genius small-space closet

Love that screen!

For more beautiful images, go here!
Secondly, we have Ellen Pompeo's beautiful Spanish-inspired home.

Isn't this bedroom great? Color palette is those campaign chest!

Can't go wrong with this bathroom combo

I've had this livingroom saved for the longeset that ethnic influence, and it doesn't look too precious!

Love those lanterns and giant mirror!

Even their outdoor space is Moroccan-inspired

Love that giant photo! Layout of this room, frankly, sucks....awkward?! But I like how the room doesn't scream "kitchen"

Love the feminine/masculine mix

Great photography

For the rest of the tour, click here!

Last up, this beautiful home I found on

Fun collection of furniture

interesting mix of texture

I want one of those copper lamps SO BAD. And those green Tolix stools are AMAZING

Love the boho feel of this place!

How great is this painting!

Stop by again! :)

Try here for more prettiness from this home!

Off to collect inspiration for a massive melding of these homes :)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Studio inspiration

Haven't had one of these posts in a while...more inspiration for my little place :)

I have ugly carpeting that I want to cover. I've been thinking of painting a dropcloth to put down...and really like this pattern from Niki Jones

Another fabric pattern I like, for no particular place (from Spoonflower)

Maybe I can DIY some flower watercolors...

I really like this idea of posting small art on antiqued mirror

Trying to figure out how to style my new's hard achieving a balance between being pretty and still functional

Maybe I need some stripes on the bed?

This is the idea for a welcome mat...

I'm really digging cobalt tie-dye right now...

...isn't it beautiful?

I need a little chest like this for by my long window

Another way to incorporate pattern in a small space is with the bed curtain, like so:

I want to make an inspiration board like this: simple fabric, pretty nailhead design

Here's another inspiration board idea

I want to make this for the bf :) Love us some Edward Sharpe!

I need a little mirror by my front door, and I'm thinking of putting some poetry on it to make it an art piece

Look at that pretty styling!