Sunday, 11 September 2011

Before and Afters

I was thinking this weekend about how nearly every piece of furniture I own or have owned, other than my bed mattress and metal bedframe, have been thrifted, Craigslisted, or antique store-d and subsequently refurbished by myself. Thought maybe you'd like to see a few of my projects, regardless of the crappy photo quality.

Coffee Table:
Before: dingy green, lots of promise
During: my first experience stripping paint from a piece of furniture
After: The final product

Kitchen Table:
During: in the middle of sanding off an ugly stain from a thrift-store table
After: Hard to see because I never took a true After but it's on the right of the pic....painted white with a grey pattern on top.

Square Coffee Table: found this in our garage from a past tenant. Item on the right is a whiteboard I repainted and the back item is a bench I repainted
After: Turned out better than I expected

Dining Chairs:
Before: You've seen these pics before
After: Months later I still love 'em :)

Don't have before and after shots for these but I've refurbished all these pieces too:

Bench: recovered the seat in new fabric and sanded/restained the whole piece

Headboard: my mom and I made this together

Bedside table: Found this under a pile of junk in an antique store. Caught my attention because of the blue glass top, took it home, sanded/restained it. My mom said she didn't think it was worth the $30 I paid for it at first but now tells me never to sell it :)

So these are a few projects I've had my hands on! Have a new coffee table in the works as you saw a few days ago. I'll be sure to post pics once I'm done!

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