Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tinseltown: Holiday Party Looks

The holidays are fast-approaching and with it, the stores are stocked with outfits for holiday parties. Although I'm going to be down for the count for most of the holiday season (I'm having hip surgery again, right before Christmas...), it doesn't stop me from dreaming about what I'd wear in a dream world. Like so:


Do you all have hot plans for the holiday season?

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fall 2014 Skincare and Makeup Routine

It's been a while since I've shared my skincare and makeup routine--almost a year, in fact, and I've found a few new products to love in the meantime. Here goes:

Fall 2014 Skincare and Makeup


  • Crude Everything Oil: This is by far my favorite new product discovery. This 'everything oil' really does work for everything: cleansing, moisturizing, eye makeup remover, etc. I just use it just as an oil cleanser, and it works awesome for my dry-yet-prone-to-breakouts skin. I massage it in all over my face, get the accompanying microfiber cloth wet with warm water, and rub it off in circular motions. During the summer/fall, my skin was so much more clear and less dry, even without adding any moisturizer after cleansing. Added bonus: the oil is only $16/4 oz and lasted me 3 solid months. I'd recommend buying the cloths, too, at $16 for a 3 pack. 
  • Acure Facial Scrub: I rediscovered my love for this scrub over the summer. Using it every third day or so, I found that it helped keep my skin fresh and clear. It goes on very gritty and washes off a bit milky. It's too rough for winter use, but when my skin isn't as dry, it's great!
  • Avalon Organics Lavender Shampoo:  I picked this up randomly when I ran out of shampoo and fell in love with it. My hair is much more clean and bouncy!
  • Acure Lemongrass Conditioner:  I've used this conditioner on and off, but I'm not necessarily in love with it. It's pretty cheap and smells good, but I think I can find something better.
  • Silk Naturals Prowl eyeshadow/liner: This eyeshadow is a deep burgundy red, which isn't anything I'd usually spring for, but using it as an eyeliner really makes the green in my eyes pop. It's long-lasting and if you smudge it out it makes a really pretty smokey eye. And it's only $4.50 for a big ol' container!
  • W3ll People Universalist 8: This creamy peony cream blush/lip product is my favorite cheek product at the moment--it gives a really gorgeous, natural blush to my cheeks. I don't like it much on my lips--it tends to look a little dry--but two big thumbs up as a cheek product!
  • W3ll People Narcissist 2: Another winner for W3ll People, this stick concealer/foundation and foundation brush set gives the perfect level of coverage for me--conceals blemishes but still lets my skin breathe and feel natural, not cakey. When my skin is a bit dry this does get a bit flaky, but otherwise I love it!
  • Mascara: Still haven't found a natural mascara I like at a price point I'm comfortable with. Any suggestions?

So if you're on the lookout for a new oil cleanser, give the Crude oil a whirl--it's awesome, and home-grown here in SLC :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Apartment Design: 606 sq ft studio

Well, as promised, I spent my Saturday night snuggled on the couch with my dog, a cup of tea, and my laptop, googling to my heart's content to find a few apartments to tour when we visit Portland in December. 

Back before I applied for my new job, I had posted on how I was planning on moving to a new apartment in Salt Lake City and outlined how I'd decorate the apartment we'd selected. Although we obviously won't be moving there anymore, I had fun imaging how I'd do up the place and got some feedback from readers that it helped them reimagine possibilities in their own apartments. So I thought I'd do the same thing for a couple apartments we're looking at in Portland.

First up, a 606 sqft studio:

Quick tour:
  • The door opens into a small open area, which is sized to fit a desk or storage piece (the area with a yellow pointer on it on the bottom left of the floor plan).
  • Through the entryway on the left is a big storage unit (top left yellow pointer). 
  • The kitchen is pretty basic and we'd likely add a rolling prep cart for more prep area.
  • The little pop-out nook is floor-to-ceiling windows, just the right size for a table and two chairs. 
  • Then we have the small living area, just right for a sofa, media stand, ottoman, and maaaaaybe a chair. 
  • The 'studio' isn't a true studio because the bedroom area has walls, albeit 3/4-high ones. The bedroom will fit a bed, two side tables, and has a closet but won't fit much else.
  • The bathroom contains a full-size washer/dryer and a nice-sized vanity.

Here are some ideas I'd utilize in the space: 


I'd add this sleek shoe cabinet from Ikea to the little desk nook in the entryway and top it off with a mirror and rug. Boom. Done. 

Dining Area: 

I've had this idea in my head for a while to do a dining area with director's chairs, a pedestal table, and a storage bench with lots of pillows. And then Jana Bek made it happen so I have this beautiful shot to share with you! :)

...except I want to get faux leather (or patterned fabric) seats and backs made for the director's chairs

Living Area: 

My boyfriend would like a desk area, so we would set up a desk as a console table behind the sofa with two wood stools underneath and a pair of lamps. 

I think a long low bookshelf would be nice on the wall with the TV. Because the apartment has so much storage, I could fill the shelves with books and pretty things :)

And over the shelving, maybe a gallery wall to help camouflage the TV


I'm shooting for this vibe, except without all the white (black dog doesn't mix with white linens....wha whaaa).

And this is how I'd put it together:

606 sq ft studio setup

How would you use this space?

Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas and Gold Pants 4 ways!

So I briefly mentioned here that I'll be attending my cousin's wedding in December. I can't recall every having attended a winter wedding, so I've been a bit stumped as to what to wear. Here are a few ideas I pulled together:

Winter Wedding Outfits

I'm really tempted by these gold sequin pants, but at first I worried they'd be a sort of 'one hit wonder' and that I couldn't get much use out of them. So I started brainstorming outfits to wear with them....and came up with this:

Quick Design: Gold Sequin Pants

As you can see, I think that in the right environment they could actually be used in a variety of ways! The trick to the gold sequin pants, I think, is to get ones that are more on the burnished-gold side of things, not bright/brassy gold. This way, they aaaaaalllllllllmost serve as a neutral base, like tan pants (almost. I'm not crazy. These are still statement pants for sure ;)

For the outfits above, I tried to picture various scenarios that I need outfits for in my life. Top to bottom, here's what I was thinking: 1) Running errands 2) summer wedding or bachelorette party 3) work outfit (in the right work environment, obviously ;) 4) hanging out with friends

What do you think? Which of the outfits above would you wear to a winter wedding? Would you rock gold sequin pants outside of a party?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Life News: New Job, New City!

Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I finally have a minute to write a post updating you on some big news in my life. In short: I got a new job, and my boyfriend, puppy and I are moving to a new city!  Where, you ask?

Have you guessed yet? These next two may give it away:

That's right everyone, we're moving to Portland!!!

I'm so excited for a fresh new start in a city that I have literally only heard great things about, and I'm sure I will be sharing lots more details in the near future. For now though, I'm off to spend my Saturday night googling apartment prospects ;)

Friday, 31 October 2014

Year-long closet shopping list: October 2014

It's purchase year-long budget recap time again! As a quick refresher, this year I outlined my clothing budget to add closet basics to my wardrobe each month, putting together a list of items I need to help fill in the holes in my closet and assigning each item to a particular month of the year. I've capped each month's budget at $200 total. Here's what my calendar looks like:

Year-long Closet Budget

Here's what I added this month:

October 2014

October Purchases:

14th and Union cardigan (sold out, different pattern than pictured):
Price: $38 (originally $60)
Notes: I was on the hunt for a cozy wrap sweater, and Nordstrom Rack came through for me. I've been wearing it basically nonstop since I got it..$38 well spent ;)

Price: $20 (originally $58)
Notes: I was needing a flowy top and found this bright pink beauty!

Price: $69
Notes: I needed a skirt for an interview recently (more on that soon!) and this fit the bill. I love the leather waistband and the skirt is just stretchy enough to be super comfortable but not overly clingy.

October Budget Total:
$127 for $187 worth of items (32% savings)

Quick Design: Dining Rooms

Happy Halloween everyone! Here are a few dining rooms I'd love to live in:

Quick Design: Dining Rooms