Thursday, 31 August 2017

Sequin Skirt for Work and Play!

Don't get me wrong, I love (LOVE) summer. But fall is really when my personal style hits its stride. Layers, textures, broad acceptance of a more neutral color palette...I love it all. I've been dreaming up some small tweaks to my closet lately and unexpectedly, a gold sequin skirt falls high on my list. As a generally not-flashy dresser, this may be surprising, but I've thought up all sorts of ways a gold sequin skirt could fit into my existing wardrobe.

I challenged myself to create a small capsule of sorts in which each outfit incorporated the skirt plus one item from the outfit before. I'd rock this skirt on the weekends in the following ways:

Casual Sequin Skirt

Surprisingly, I also thought of some ways the skirt could be worn to work. My personal favorite outfits are the pink ruffled shirt worn over a work staple--the white buttondown--and the cozy green cardigan with fun leopard heels:

Sequin Work Outfits

I bought this exact gold skirt (past season JCrew) on eBay but unfortunately it's too short an more brown than I was expecting. So the hunt continues!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Kelly Ventura Art: Quick Design

I recently came across the work of Kelly Ventura and fell in love with her vibrant floral work. I pulled together 4 quick designs of how you could use them in your home: a bathroom, living room, teen girl's room, and dining room. Enjoy!
Kelly Ventura quick design