Friday, 16 September 2011

Designer Profile: Rita Konig

One home I can never get tired of seeing is that of Rita Konig. I love how she puts her homey little British stamp on everything, and it feels very personal, attainable, yet lovely.

I started digging around for images of her home and found some neat photos of her former home, of Domino fame. It's interesting to see how she's tweaked existing items to create a whole new, yet equally beautiful home. Shall we compare?

Bedroom, old home:
Beautiful wallpaper, small and cozy, with a great mix of linens and a unique sconce
Bedroom, new home:
More pretty wallpaper, another cozy room, this time with a new headboard and different sheets

Before and after, new place bedroom:
The balloon curtains are an interesting choice. The patterned wall somehow opens up the space instead of making it smaller, and the headboard serves to draw the eye upward.

Bathroom old place:
Masculine feel, industrial elements, awesome magazine rack.

Bathroom new place:
Very girly wallpaper, but it still maintains an industrial edge with the small director's side table and the pipe sink console.

Living room old place:

Love the faux fireplace!

Keep your eye on that sofe, the table, the knicknacks on the table, and those paintings

Check out the Love poster, table between the chairs, and the lamp on the left

Love that polaroid wall!

Living room new place:
Recognize a few things? Table, couch, stuff on the walls, display on the table

Same cozy white chair too, and the paintings make another appearance

There's that sconce from the bedroom

I thought it was interesting the transformation in decor you can see in these three photos:
Burlap couch, plain wall

Switched the upholstery--isn't it beautiful? Poster on back wall gets moved, and keep an eye on that pink ashtray

Now it's looking more like what we knew from Decorate! PS she also managed to sneak in a small office area in the closet...

Here's another before and after...surprisingly, even though I'm not a huge fan of the balloon drapes, I like them better than what she had before. The after photo looks so much homier!

Rita Konig in situ...there's the love poster!

Love that she uses Bell jars to store sugar, etc. I plan to do the same, as soon as I track some down. I particularly like the blue jars!

I posted this a while ago--didn't realize it was hers! I've adopted the same thing on my bedside table which--
--actually reminds me a lot of my own (on right)! And do you recognize that lamp and pink ashtray from before? I liked the ashtray better on the table....brought out the pink more.

She revamped these chairs into the fuschia beauties they are today. So glam! I think they, more than any other piece, really make the room. I wonder what she did with the green chairs in her first living room?

This is the entryway in her first home....isn't it adorable? Wallpaper by her mother, Nina Campbell.

So what do you think? Did you like her place better before or after? I'm partial to different aspects of each but ultimately would choose to live in her new home, I think.

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  1. Hello Meghan!
    Commenting from Greece, I find your blog very inspirational. Beautiful pictures of homes I would really like my home to look like...I'm working on that.
    Keep up the good work. I will be following.
    Have a great weekend!