Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Inspiring fashion

I know usually this blog is about interiors, but I originally intended it to be a collection of anything that inspires me. Such as fashion. Check it.

Have you ever seen those wrappy headbands from scarves? This is how to do it.

I'm loving the ombre look to hair these days. The only problem is, I've only ever seen it on brunettes. Think it could work for blondes?

Just like my favorite interiors, my favorite fashion incorporates lots of different textures

The only way sheer shirts without tanks can work is if you use a cute bandeau top, and it's a very casual setting

Irene from Desinestiles is always well-dressed. I'd be too paranoid to wear a dress this short, but I think it looks fabulous!

Love the slouchy sweater and bitty lace skirt. Betcha Forever 21 has a similar version out right now...

Love me some black and white sripes....even better with a hot pink blazer!

black miniskirt + tights + chucks + colorful scarf = school chic

What's inspiring you about fall fashion? Can't wait to bust out my scarves and tights!

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