Friday, 16 September 2011

Fabric purchase + beautiful home to peruse

Thanks to Fabric Guru, I just bought me a $5.95 yard (regularly $49.99!) of the beautiful Robert Allen Khanjali Peacock fabric that I've been eyeing for months! Isn't she a beaut??

...which you can find here as just fabric or here as a premade pillow in a slightly different colorway (which, hmmm maybe I should consider instead of the green?). It's from one of my favorite stores, Furbish (wish I could afford it!).

I don't really think the two fabrics go together based on the online images but I thought I'd get my Khanjali in and see how true the colors run to that sample...from what I've seen online it appears much more teal and less green/yellow. So we'll see if I can make them both happen!

Secondly, I ran across this image from Rashida Jones' home...
...and thought it was great inspiration for my new table (even though I've left mine natural wood--two coats of clear poly are on and look amazing!). I love the mix of genres (French couch, Moroccan table, graphic artwork). So I did a little digging and it turns out I love both her Manhattan and LA homes....homegirl's got style!! Here's a link to a blog post that has all the images I'd want to share with you the before and afters!

PS. Another thing I love from this pic: the sconces built into the bookcases. Seems like a great DIY to make free-standing bookcases look more custom...flank a couch in bookcases, put wiring through bookcases, drill small hole in back of bookcase to let wiring trail down the back of the, no?

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