Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas WIshlist: For your Etsy-Loving Friend

I didn't shop from Etsy this year like I usually do, but shopping around for this post makes me wish I did! Etsy can be a bit intimidating to navigate through--there are so many shops and items, many of which are sort of tacky or cheesy. I keep lists of my favorite items and shops here, but you can shop all the highlights below!

Let's kick this wishlist off with jewelry. I love finding basics with a twist, and Etsy is also chock full of great statement pieces:

Etsy Jewelry List

Art can be a tricky thing to buy for someone else, but fortunately Etsy artists have such beautiful work that I think anyone would appreciate, from your friend who loves landscapes and nature-inspired prints, to your friend who just bought a home and wants to decorate her bathroom with a less-cheesy beach theme, to your teenage niece who's putting her own stamp on her bedroom:

Etsy Art Wishlist

Last but not least, Etsy is obviously a treasure trove for home decor pieces. I have my eye on several of the black-and-white pillows for our new den, and the leather tray is on my own Christmas list this year!

Etsy Home Decor Wishlist

What are your favorite Etsy shops?

Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas Gift List: For the Eco Enthusiast

This year I've begun educating myself on more sustainable, Earth- and people-friendly practices, from composting to biking instead of driving to buying products that are designed to reduce negative impacts on the Earth and the people making the products. Fortunately you don't have to be a hippy, granola-toting eco warrior to appreciate these lovely gifts!

There are so many different ways to lessen harms to our world, so I've labeled each product with some of the highlights of each company. I'd really recommend clicking through to each product's website to learn more, though--there are many more details and many, many more gorgeous products to sift through!

Christmas Gift List: For the Eco Warrior

The horn earrings, "Leave it better than you found it" tee, and slippers are on my own personal wishlist this year, but I'd be happy to receive any of these items!