Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hump Day Dump Day

Forgot to post this yesterday! Myyyyy bad.

Textile goodness, and an easily achieved look too!

Emily Henderson does butterfly things to my insides.

Looooooove this.

Rue....I like the dramatic dark curtains against dark headboard.

Great color combo. Cozy yet fun.

I want my place to have this vibe.

From Rue

Sometimes beautiful images speak for themselves :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sometimes Life (and Craigslist) just isn't fair

Ok so I've been searching Craigslist Minneapolis for stuff for my best friend's apartment....and it's just not fair. I limited my search to $50 and STILL had to go through more than 5 pages just to get to stuff from yesterday, there were so many posts! And while the Craigslist gods of SLC only offer up gems once in 60,000 blue moons (see here for my one and only gift from the SLC gods), Minneapolis Craigslist is PACKED with goodness!! WHY?! Why do bad things happen to good people!??!?!

Exhibit A:

I mean REALLY. Campaign chest? NEVER shows up in SLC searches. This bad boy was listed as "retro dresser" and much would you guess? Would you guess FIFTEEN DOLLARS!?!?! Cuz that's what they're asking for this. Are you fricking kidding me. If you happen to be in Minneapolis and for some reason see this post....go here, and then post pretty pictures of how you use it in your house. I'd get rid of the stupid partitions inside the doors and make the chicest TV stand ever. EVER. Perhaps lacquer it in some crazy cool color, or maybe just leave it alone and let those gorgeous brass details do the talking. Mmmmm...

And if that's not enough, here's a little more to rreeeeeeeaaaally burrow the salt in my Craigslist-loving wounds...


FIVE MOTHER TRUCKING DOLLARS. ARE YOU KIIIIIIIIIDING ME?!?! Seriously. Heart palpitations here. The ad mentions that it has a 'crackle finish' which everybody knows is code word for shabby chic ugly shit, so I'd probably spray paint it and put some awesome fabric on that cushion. Daaaaaammmmmit Minneapolis Craigslist. Go here if you're a lucky soul in the area....I'm so pissed right now, Why the FUG did I move to Utah?!?!

Anyway. I'm going to go bitterly to sleep now. Please commiserate, and someone for the love of God come up with a good reason for why in the hell SLC Craigslist sucks so bad. Exhibit A.

It's amazing where you find inspiration

For example, this image from an Apartment Therapy tour:

Beautiful as it is in actuality, When I just saw the thumbnail my mind immediately jumped to: "Blue canvas! Gold leaf! Map!" I think it could be just as beautiful. Your thoughts?

Friday, 20 May 2011


Another DIY collection :)

Not really a simple DIY, but it's beautiful and I think sommmmeone out there could recreate this

Eddie Ross sets a beautiful table

I like the detailing on the doors

Ikea Rast hack! Gaaaaaah!

Clever use of small space

Bench out of a palatte

painting hot pink behind this mirror makes the detailing stand out more

Looks like this is made with studs....and you know I love me some studs

I showed a room with this same window treatment before....colored curtains with Roman shades in a different color or pattern

Studs on simple stools again...looks so much more tailored and deliberate!

If you look closely, the mirrored outline is made up of tiny mirrored tiles...doooo it!

I like the pattern of these studs...check out the image below for what it looks like from further away....zig-zaggy

Simple bench with a cushion to bring in some more color...Pier one has great options for this

One ikea curtain made two window coverings

I'd like to paint my curtains with this subtle zebra pattern....has a lot of movement but isn't too crazy

A closeup of the table my boyfriend and I are thinking about making, with our own tweaks of course :)

I like how they attached the sconces to the headboard so the wiring can go behind the bed and not look messy

Hope this inspired! :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Polyvore mashup

What I've got to work with

Can anyone tell me how the hell to get photos to come through clear and not stupid like the dining chairs and coffee table? The shot of my bed was completely useless (thus the stand-in), I'm perplexed!

What I've got to work with by mjchirpich on