Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brass floating shelves DIY

Saw this goodness and had to share:

Donald Judd art installation.

Made me want to do this:

Get after it, people.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Little details in design

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the impact of little details in a room, particularly with doors and trim. It's a case where the more I look, the more I are a few of my favorites:

Notice how that little curved piece of trim over the tub makes it seem like its own tiny room...

A square door would have been dramatic with the contrasting trim, but it's even more stellar with the curve in the corners!

(Bottom right) How amazing is this hot-pink trim?!?! Brings the old-school windows into a new century of pretty :)

Without the trim, the gallery art may have 'floated' in an undefined way. With trim, it looks very intentional and tailored.

For a more subtle take on trim details, here we have the inside of a door painted a high-gloss version of the wall color.

Love the house number painted on the door itself.

What an easy way to personalize the dining room, love that monogram!

Even renters can get away with a bit of personalization with colorful door edges...easy enough to paint back when your lease is up!

I love how the wallpaper in the hall adds to the living room's design

This little detail over the door makes the rest of the room feel put-together

Love the piping on the couch which ties in to other parts of this studio.

Last but not least, here's a little detail shout-out to my boyfriend...he designed the High West whiskey bottle label in the lower left :)

What creative touches have you noticed lately?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Style Chameleon: Green Sofa as a neutral

I have a passionate love for green sofas, particularly of the velvety variety. It all started innocently enough, with this beauty:

(although, lets be honest, I'm cheating on the sofa with those amaaaaazing windows)

Quickly my love affair evolved to include this:

And this:

And this:

And this little lady (scandalous!)

And her colorful cousin:

So today I'm here to prove that, unlike you may think, a green sofa can actually be a very versatile piece and indeed, a Style Chameleon.

Miss Green Sofa can go Art Deco:

I've always been a fan of this peacock mirror, but I like the humor of the comic (below):

A bit modern and sculptural:


Neutral glam:

Which is your favorite? I love the side tables of the neutral one (and I want a metallic hide bad), the pickup sticks chandelier of the first one, and the fuchsia table of the artsy one. First step, though: Grassy green sofa!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Consignment Around Salt Lake City

Today was a beautiful day in SLC, so I took advantage of the day to go for a run and stop by a few local consignment shops. Here are some of the goodies I ran across while out:

This pretty lady greeted me at Secondhand Chic....needs a little work but it was only $30!

Pretty potted succulents...the photo doesn't give the scale at all, the biggest one was about a foot and a half square. $35 for the first picture, $45 for the second

Cast iron sewing table, $50. Still trying to convince my boyfriend to buy this.

(sorry for the terrible shots, it was hidden behind a bunch of things)

Japanese Drum Table, $50 including the glass top. Was a bit damaged but this would also look awesome in my boyfriend's house

"Be your own kind of beautiful." A nice women's clothing boutique should paint this on the wall by the dressing rooms...

This isn't actually bamboo but it looks so cute! $50, another item I'm selling my boyfriend on.

This old Navy welding box would be so cute with wood legs as a bedside table...$20

Clamp-on metal lamp, $18.

At Haight and Ashbury: I loved this hutch despite the chickenwire. Would be pretty with glass fronts to show off pretty shoes.

The third store I went to had the thing I'm most wanting....this blood orange dining table, $150. It's hard to see but the deco-ish detailing is begging for some paint highlighting its best features. At 44" round it's the perfect size for my boyfriend's smallish kitchen.

So what did I come away with? At Secondhand Chic, I found the "Tea" "Coffee" "Flour" tins to match the "Sugar" tin I bought from the same place months ago. $18 for all 3.

And my favorite, a giant (2-foot) brass lamp from Haight and Ashbury. For $25!

I like the texture.

I'm thinking for the shade, cream tube-shaped (I don't know what it's called, like a tin can-shaped?) shade with black trimming on top and bottom. I'm a little in love.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How could I DIY this?

Someone come up with a solution of how to make that faceted side table....

Wendy Schwartz design, her shiz iz bananaz

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Crazy rocker makeover

Recently I was perusing Atlantis Home blog and came across an archived photo of some chairs she recovered in burlap:

Pretty, but really not my taste. A bit too country chic for me. Then, a few internet clicks later I came across the blog of her daughter, Jane Aldredge of Sea of Shoes. Many of you have probably seen this studio makeover:

Sex as an office, right?

Someday I'd like to be cool enough to own a place like this....pretty sure you have to be a rockstar.

But did you notice anything in particular?

How hot are those former burlap chairs?! Granny-chic to rocker-chic in a couple simple steps. Amazing what a little white paint and patent leather can I want to recover something crazy!