Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Time for some reader advice

So here's the thing. I just purchased this Moroccan-inspired table base:

I'm trying to decide which way I want to go with it. It started out with a horrible black paint that I stripped and sanded away....looks really dry and ugly in the pic but it's much prettier for real. Now it's time to decide where to go with it. And there are so many options!!

Repaint it black, with a brass tray top...

...or silver tray top...

Leave it wood, again with a brass tray top...

Or paint it white, with a glass top...

I'm also intrigued by this idea: natural wood, with some parts painted black.

Here's a closeup of how far I've sanded mine down. I kind of like that it's imperfect and black still remains...might end up just staining it with a clear acrylic and paint the bottom round spots on the feet? Sort of like the photo just above...

Final decisions still to be made:
  • paint it black, paint it white, or keep it wood and stain it
  • what do I do about the top? Find a brass/silver tray and keep it traditional, or have the bf cut out a top made from lucite at work? Paint a piece of wood in a color or upholster a cushiony top?
What do you think? Advice please!

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  1. Meghan, that's a great table base! Nice find! Whatever you do, just don't paint it white. I think it will look great if you stain it or paint it black. Brass or silver tray will do! Good luck.