Friday, 23 September 2011

Studio inspiration

Haven't had one of these posts in a while...more inspiration for my little place :)

I have ugly carpeting that I want to cover. I've been thinking of painting a dropcloth to put down...and really like this pattern from Niki Jones

Another fabric pattern I like, for no particular place (from Spoonflower)

Maybe I can DIY some flower watercolors...

I really like this idea of posting small art on antiqued mirror

Trying to figure out how to style my new's hard achieving a balance between being pretty and still functional

Maybe I need some stripes on the bed?

This is the idea for a welcome mat...

I'm really digging cobalt tie-dye right now...

...isn't it beautiful?

I need a little chest like this for by my long window

Another way to incorporate pattern in a small space is with the bed curtain, like so:

I want to make an inspiration board like this: simple fabric, pretty nailhead design

Here's another inspiration board idea

I want to make this for the bf :) Love us some Edward Sharpe!

I need a little mirror by my front door, and I'm thinking of putting some poetry on it to make it an art piece

Look at that pretty styling!

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