Friday, 28 April 2017

10x10(ish) Spring Capsule Wardrobe!

Wow, this year is flying by! Between work and planning my wedding, I've been adulting pretty hard the first quarter of 2017, so I had fun doing a little online shopping this week. I picked up this pair of shorts, this dress (only $16!), and these shoes and realized they made the good start of a spring capsule wardrobe!

I originally conceived of this post as a 10x10 wardrobe challenge but kept coming up with more and more options from my ten pieces, so I hope you enjoy :)

10x10 Spring Capsule

Do you ever read fashion blogs and think to yourself, WHERE ARE YOU ACTUALLY WEARING THAT TO? So often, the outfits don't seem like real life options. So I focused on putting together outfits I'd actually wear in my real life. These first 7 are things I'd wear to work at my hospital.

10x10 Work Outfits

Outfits 1 & 2: I'm a genetic counselor, and I'd wear these two outfits to meet with patients. Although I need to dress professionally, the nature of my work means I also want to be relatable and not intimidating, so I tend do dress business casual with some fun pieces thrown in. In the first outfit, this means lots of pattern mixing--dots, stripes, and gingham, oh my! For the second outfit, the swing cut of the army jacket is unexpected, and the big gold earrings are so funky!

Outfit 3: I'd wear this to a meeting with other departments. It looks professional but still comfortable, with a pretty rose gold watch to make sure we're keeping on schedule.

Outfit 4-5: For days spent doing admin/office type work, I prefer to wear comfortable pieces that aren't too fussy but still pulled together. The drape of the shirt in outfit 4 is breezy but the pearls dress things up a bit. Outfit 5 is literally a tshirt and comfy!

Outfit 6-7: These are definitely "Casual Friday" outfits. Outfit 6 employs some fun pattern mixing and a cute bow tie on the shorts, but the blazer and wedges keep it work-appropriate (at least in my department!). The last outfit is simple with pops of red.

A good capsule wardrobe allows for items to seamlessly fit into your non-work life too, as demonstrated below:

10x10 Play Outfits

Outfit 1: Since I have weddings on the brain, I'd wear this to an engagement party.

Outfit two: This would be a cute outfit for those days when you go straight from running errands to out with friends.

Outfit three: Brunch is big in Portland, and this dress with the shirt tossed over, unbuttoned, and tied at the waist would be so cute!

Outfit four: But the reality is that most of my brunches are not of the little white dress variety--more like the 'hungover and don't want to cook breakfast' persuasion. For that scenario, this outfit is perfect--dark glasses, comfy kicks, and a fedora to mask your unwashed hair ;)

Outfit 5: I'd wear this to an outdoor concert.

Outfit 6: This would be a fun date night outfit!

Outfit 7: July isn't really 'spring' but how cute would this be for a fourth of July party?! Love that watermelon clutch.

Outfit 8: This is the outfit I'd be most likely to wear to happy hour with friends.

So tell me: which items are you most likely to add to your own closet? I'm strongly eyeing up that swing jacket and soft striped buttonup!