Thursday, 30 June 2011

Inspiration from Sara Tuttle

If I ever get my own place (which is looking less and less likely due to stupidly limited housing options in SLC--at least in my admittedly small price range), I want that overall feel of it to be a lot like Sara Tuttle's beautiful home. Like so:

This bedroom is nearly perfection in my eyes.

Seriously what's not to love here? My favorite aspect is how it feels collected over time. Most of her pieces have their own unique kick to them which brings a fun energetic eclectic mood to the place. I'd love to move right in!


  1. I have seen this home before and I thought it looked gorgeous as well! Love the bedroom, too!


  2. Lovely home - just near perfection.
    Love what you wrote in your 'about me' section - great outlook on life. Following your lovely blog, hope you come and say HI sometimes, hopefully you'll like what I do and follow me too :O)
    A xx