Sunday, 5 June 2011

If I were to commission a Michelle Armas painting....

Sad news, folks. I was emailing Michelle Armas (my all-time favorite artist) about commissioning a painting...had it all worked out to pay in small installments, etc....then summer tuition took a huge dent out of my savings and I had to face facts that I'm way too broke to buy one of her beautiful pieces. However, if someday I do commission a painting....these are the pics I would send her as inspiration.

First up, my favorites of her paintings:
"Rosalia." My all-time favorite. I love the movement and the array of colors and the drips and the use of white.

Jenny from MFAMB commissioned this lovely. I love the mellow colors, the way it looks almost floral with a watercolor-esque spot of green, and the drips.

"Zena." Unexpected shot of navy blue.

"Hizzle." Interesting color combo

"Capri." I like the there's lots of movement and energy even though the color palate isn't very in-your-face

"Antonia." This reminds me of Rosalia, so of course I love it :)

And now on to the interiors....
Lots of color and movement but the overall look is calming.

Natural, easy-going

Lots of bright white space but also darker tones and lavender for interest.

Interesting color combo--I like that there are patterns and colors that I wouldn't think to put together, but it doesn't look over-the-top

Saturated colors

Bright, sunny, a little ethnic, comfortable

Loooove the color palate....all colors I would never think to put together but I love it.

For more of Michelle Armas' ammaaaaazing work, see here. And for her equally beautiful blog, go here.

And for the love of God, someone commission a painting for her and let me know how it turns out. Her work is way to gorgeous not to be unleashed on the masses.

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