Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hump Day Dump Day (belated)

So I'm late again with my HDDD bad. I'll make it up by showing really inspirational beautiful things :)

First up, Loooooooove that inky blue velvet headboard. Probably because it reminds me of my chairs, and we all know I love those. Offsets the duvet brilliantly and I love the smoked glass mirror. I reeeeeeaaaaallllly want that duvet fabric for my house, anyone know where I can find it??

Love the boho feel of this dresser

This room, other than the Beni Ourain rug ($$$$$) seems approachable and easy to create yourself

Don't really like the room per se but rather the interesting mix of mediums used to pull it all together

Bright blue chairs plus magenta plus print seating = I'm sold

So this is a dorm room design plan. Just wanna go ahead and say that while my dorm room was cute (for a dorm)....there's no way in hell it was this cute. Lucky girl.

Rita Konig's small apartment was my favorite part of the (fabulous!) book Decorate. Here are some non-professional shots, and it looks even homier.

Too much red for me but of course I love the lanterns and Moroccan tables (speaking of which, the bf cut them out! Just gotta get some time to finish them now :)

Fun furniture in a comfy, eclectic, cheerful mix

Live Creating Yourself's living calming!

Next two are from Kishani Perera's office design for Molly Sims. I've posted this shot before but the next is equally beautiful and inspiring.

It's just good.

Love that wall color and how the pillows pick up the colors of the painting

another dorm room design I believe....who are these people?!

Love me some white cabinets with butcher block tops and farmhouse sink


Homey, intentional, and best of all--achievable!

Boho goodness

Love that mirror and buffet and wallpaper. Although I think chair sitting in awkward space that don't serve a real purpose are stupid.

Cut little colorful kitchen. I like the drawer handles and the hot pick fabric. Bet the owners hate that all the drawers are the same size though.


So that's what I'm finding beautiful this week!

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