Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hump Day Dump Day....super late

Well friends, the weekend is hheeeeeeere!! :D And I realized I haven't done my supposedly-weekly "Hump Day Dump Day" in a while so here you go....rooms that have inspired me lately.

I like the deep moody formal curtains against the cheerier, playful patterned chairs.

Rue delivers big. Although this room kinda is a collection of every trendy thing ever...Moroccan wedding blanket, sequins, suzani, brass lamps....I still dig it.

I suwannee's office is beautiful and inspiring. I like the darker rug against the bright pink.

Rowling sisters. Mixed prints = good.

Pretty mirror, classy kitchen, chairs that remind me of my own.

I just really like this room. Very understated and calming, but with punchy prints to liven it up.

Anna Spiro's bedroom in Adore mag....great mix of prints and colors. I love the lavender headboard!!

Rue again...I love that color blue!! Wish I knew what paint it was....against the purple and gold, mmmm.

More Anna Spiro. Fun chair, interesting room, great art.

Adore home with an amazing living room I wish were mine.

Full view of the living room. I like that it looks comfortable and lived-in, nothing too precious, but still well-designed.

Orange and navy color combo....goooood.

Ribbons on the curtains. Again with the Roman shade in a different pattern look.

This image is from Lonny, but I first saw it in Holly Becker's book Decorate (which I hiiiiighly recommend btw. I've never bought a design book before cuz they're kinda expensive for something so unnecessary, but I'm so glad I did--great inspiration and tips! I got mine from Barnes and Noble and Anthropologie also sells it). Great thing about this room: it's a studio, but because of the use of a screen and wallpaper, the bedroom is set apart from the living area. The rest of the room (check the book to see it!) is just as great. Perfect small-space inspiration!

Neutral, beautiful room.

Rue? Lonny? Idk, but I love that blue. Good choice making the big pieces in this room white and accenting with smaller bursts of color.

Loooove this room. Beautiful artwork makes any room look a million times better and more expensive (not that this room needed help on either account).

Chairs remind me of mine, and I like the geometric tailored vibe of the space.

Neutral room with a lot of textural, visual interest.

So that's what's on my mind these days! Have a great weekend yo!

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