Thursday, 16 June 2011

Links and a beautiful home!

I've had a couple webpages open to brilliant ideas for about a week now and it's driving my computer-techy bf I thought I'd save them on this ol' blog and share the love with others!

Things on my screen lately:
Secondly, a while ago I posted on small space designs and how storage can beautiful and functional. Little did I know that entire house is beautiful, functional small space inspiration. All images from Casa Valentina, enjoy!

Things I like:

Here's the original image I liked. Great storage, sequin pillow, gold armchair

Natural look, informal entry

small bench, easy-going vibe

Open shelving, silver drawer pulls, silver accents throughout

Fun tray, stainless steel sink

Modern chairs with feminine chandy and table

Lady like mirror, pretty flowers

Simple but pretty

not the biggest fan of the living room, actually. Awkward scale (why is this underlined? how do I make it stop?!)

Although I think the scale is off, I like the relaxed vibe

Metal collection trays, velvety blue pillow

Clothes rack! Storage on top of storage!

Love that the painted pipe that makes up the clothes rack makes the clothing look almost like art

I think I've posted this pic before. Long shelving provides lots of storage but also a place to display your favorite things.

So what do you think? Lots of great small-space inspiration, or what?

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