Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The bf is making me something pretty

...Can you guess what it is?
via House Beautiful (?)

If you guessed a Moroccan-inspired table...you guessed right! A lot of factors went into the way I designed the tables (which the bf will cut out at work and I'll put together):
  • Depending on where I sit I like to move the coffee table in front of me. My current bigger table is a little unwieldy so I don't really use it as is anyway.
  • I like to put my feet up when I'm sitting in my pretty blue chairs and the current table is hard-topped....so I'm going to upholster the removable tops in the same blue fabric as my dining chairs (thus when I hopefully move in on my own in a couple months it'll all be cohesive).
  • I don't like the look of clutter in a space so I'm making a hidden shelf inside the removable top instead of the open shelving of my current table.
  • I'm tired of the way my living room looks so I decided that as long as he can make a table for free and I have all the supplies to upholster the tops, why not try something new??
  • Let's be honest, I'm antsy to up the style quotient of my place and have always loved the look of Moroccan tables. Mine will look similar to the image directly above but with my own pizzazz added (of course) such as removable upholstered top (gonna try tufting for the first time!), hidden shelf, and some decorative trim.
So I'm curious: what changes to your home have you made because it worked better for the way you live?

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