Monday, 20 June 2011

Anna's living room

As I've mentioned before, my best friend from home is moving out of her shared apartment into her very own place, and I've infected her with my Craigslist addiction. She's asked me to help her figure out how to decorate on the cheap, so here's the look I'm going for for her:
Very neutral but very homey and chic

Mixed materials (mirror, paint, wood, textured fabric, plants) jazz up an otherwise tan room

Blacks and golds bring interest and white makes it all soothing. Plus that wallpaper is fucking gorgeous which always helps :)

So here's what I put together based (mostly) off things I found on her local Craigslist (Minneapolis craigslist rocks compared to SLC, that lucky girl!)
Anna's living room
First of all let me acknowledge that this board looks like shit. I know. Can't be picky on perspective when your pics are from C-list. Anyway. Moving on:

So I found this beautiful mirrored 'entryway table (for TWENTY FIVE MOTHER TRUCKING DOLLARS people....I'm telling you it's a goldmine!!). I'd use it as a sofa table and put that beautiful tole lamp on top (it's 45" tall! Dammmmn!). I don't really know if Anna would go for this lamp ($75) but I sent it to her anyway cuz I think it would be a beautiful statement piece and the rest of the room could be kept really simple just the way she likes it ;) Plus you wouldn't have to shell out much on the rest of the room cuz all your attention would be on the lamp. Bonus!

She already has a sage-green Pottery Barn sofa (scored for free on the List!). I like the wooden coffee table ($30) that picks up the brass of the lamp with its metal accents. Then add a sweet French dresser ($45), a mirror, and a rug, and she'd be set!!

The mirror is friggin expensive at least for a grad student budget (at$199 from ZGallerie it's decently priced for the normal people of the world) but you could find a lookalike or spraypaint a crappy framed mirror gold (like $10 for a mirror plus $3 spraypaint). Then last but not least I think I'd make my own rug. Using Danika's DIY zebra hide tutorial I'd buy a cheap dropcloth ($10) from Home Depot, stain it with tea bags first to get a little more texture in the mix, then paint it with gold fabric paint from Michaels ($3) and sew it to a rug pad so it doesn't slip (like $10, also Home Depot).

So, for a grand total of $211 estimated cost, you could put together this room. Ann if I were you I'd buy the mirrored table and the lamp, so you'd be out $100 but your room would look a million times better, then just worry about the other stuff later since you already have some furniture. Then when I come home in August I can help you make the rug if you like it! :)

Portico Sofa
$1,999 -

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