Sunday, 12 June 2011


Long post today--it's been a while since I've posted a DIY Day!

That blue chest on the left is perfect for a small space--provides storage, a side table, and the legs make it less visually chunky than a traditional dresser. You could even put a small basket or blanket underneath for more storage.

Ongoing obsession with intricate mirrors continues.

Isn't that watercolor-looking wall beautiful?

If that one didn't strike your bout this one??

Artist Rob Nadeau (see below pic too) has been inspiring me with his bright abstracts.

Genius! Bookshelf out of a faux mantel...provides storage and a focal point for a small-space builder-box room!

Rue mag....beautiful lucite chairs with shimmery linen. Not really a DIY, just a reminder of why I want to use metallic linen somewhere, somehow, someday.

Likewise, I will one day also incorporate this beautiful peacock color in my place.

Someday, when I get married, I want a super non-traditional ring. Like this one with a big diamond in the middle (and in silver).

High-end bedroom can paint faux-molding, I think I can too :)

This next series of pics is a great tutorial on how to make pelmets.

Small but Mighty blog just posted on how to do the above job, super straight: use graph paper as a guide!

I like the doors at the far end....molding in interesting shape adds architectural interest!

I like that these wedding invites aren't your typical mushy look...also, I want to recreate that diamond art.

Pretty update to a basic cabinet

I want this as a rug!

I love how these chairs are all-white from the front with a surprise kick of Chiang Mai fabric on the back. She also used faux ostrich leather which I think would wipe up pretty easy.

Seems like you could do this pretty easily with potato-blocking. Hmmmm.

These chair backs too. I know the fabric is actually velvet circles but it's like a billion dollars and the part I like best is the faded, non-uniform look anyway. Potatoes + paint + drop cloth = these chair backs.

I like the blown-up art shot of the toes

Good way to cover up a bathroom window

David Bromstad. Beautiful.

Drop cloth + black ribbon trim = chic shower curtain?

I want to make a poster of the one on the right. Great reminder.

Interesting collection of almost-empty frames

I like the furniture placement--pretty obvious, but lately I feel like all I see are two matching chairs placed next to each other. I like the non-matching end tables with matching lamps, too.

I wanna attempt to recreate this art. Pretty.

So this is what's rollin around in my pretty little head lately! Your thoughts?

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