Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring has Sprung....?

It seems like spring has arrived in a big way in SLC, UT, but I've heard that a storm of epic proportions may be on its way this weekend. To celebrate the spring while it lasts, enjoy some bright, sunshiny, spring-inspired interiors :)

Bahhh! Pretty French doors! Beautiful white windows leaking spring sunshine everywhere! Look at that couch/pillows/bookshelves! What are your thoughts on that extra-high coffee table?

Springy colors, yes, but I really am in it for that awesome patterned Moroccan side table from Black and Spiro.

Love the mix of colors in this room! Don't quite love the giant fluffy floor pillow (no way in hell that thing stays clean) or the somewhat childish rug. Do love the wood and white chair, the mismatching yet cohesive pillows, and the door fronts painted a light gray. The dark burnt orange curtains are an interesting choice and one I wouldn't think to make but I think they really work here.

Heavily considering buying this pillow even though I have no money. Blue + green + magenta = all the colors I want in my living room (currently blue, purple, green). From Silk Way, an amazing ikat textile seller on Etsy.

Painting the fan blue was a cute idea but ultimately draws too much attention to an ugly fixture. I think the furniture scale is a little 'off' too (couch is too small for the heavier armoire/credenza) but I like the feel of the room as a whole.

Love this chair fabric! The mirrors are a cute DIY from Danielle Oakley's blog (I like the hit of blue)

Speaking of amazing is this banquette?!?! Show-stopper!

Don't really like much here (although it does fit my 'spring' theme well) but I do like the idea of pictures around a lampshade. Could be tacky, could be cool.

Muted spring colors and I love the artwork and the long tall bookshelf.

OK hate the actual details of this place (too theme-y for me...flamingos and crabs, really beach house??!) but I like the 'gist'...brightly colored multipatterned pillows, wood accents, weathered wood table, and a simple but brightly painted mirror.

Looooooove this couch! I would live here. Minus the trendy burlap sack ottoman.

Last but not cool is that artwork? I did the ornamentation on the otherwise-simple headboard too.

Pretty please spring stick around a little longer!

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