Sunday, 17 April 2011


Another installment of things I'd love to do someday...

A couple more DIY rug ideas (for the rug I may potentially make one day, obvs)...
This one reminds me of a rug they have at Urban Outfitters. I don't really like the color scheme of the UO one...but I could tweak it to what I like!

Wall pattern

Anthro rug

Cute, decorative shoe collection as art

Classy napkin holders with gold leaf

Cardboard and a the graphic look of it
Print pics of maps of your favorite places...pretty, sentimental art :)

Tissue paper + strips of tape, overlap, GO.

My brain is almost exploding. Finals week = death. Biochem, genetics counseling seminar, and clinical genetics tests: done. 1 more to go.....gooooooo, cancer genetics! GAH I JUST WANT TO LOOK AT PRETTY THINGS!!!

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