Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rooms too pretty not to share

Title says it all.

Love the dresser, headboard, and gold side table.

I loooooove this room. Dark wood + black + white + lavender + grey. So great, also great texture.

This dark moody blue is beautiful. I like the bright pops of white and fuschia and the dark aged wood is a great addition to the room as well.

Miles Redd, you kill me. Awesome color combo that I never would've thought of. And as you know I love me some blue curtains.

Dark teal floor + light blue sideboard and that great mix of wood and detailed chairs.

Fun room! Black makes a great statement. The brown bench should be reupholstered in sexy patent leather and a white base tho.

Another great inky blue, with great pattern mix and I like the color palate. Good job, Young House Love.

Again with the dark blue and white. I just think it sets everything else off so well. The utensil curtains are stupid but I really like the rest of the room, despite the fact that I'm not generally a fan of burled wood.

This room probably cost a bazillion dollars but I like it anyway.

Fun little cottage vibe. Borderline tacky but I think it gets away with it.

Beautiful shade of green (same as my bedcover!) and I like mixing in the wood accents, white, tan, and great garden stools as an alternative to a coffee table.

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  1. Gorgeous! Really liking that bed in the first pic. x decor is like butter