Saturday, 2 April 2011

Colorful and bright vs. toned down and simple

Most places I feature on my blog are colorful, comfy, and you can almost feel the life they live, busy little bees being creative out there somewhere in the world. Today I'm all about the simple touches. See?:

Simple furniture arrangement plus awesome skylights.

I like the peas in the long wooden tray. That rug is pretty awesome too--colorful but in a muted way.

2 works if one is as beautiful as this blue.

Speaking of which, this blue accent wall is pretty cool. The rest of the room could be better-styled but I like the blue wall.

Even my boyfriend likes this one. We want to build a table like this for his kitchen. I'd get rid of the stupid twigs that don't add anything plus the ugly wannabe-modern-but-actually-school-cafeteria-y dining chairs. Probably replace them with the Eames Eiffel chairs, you know, in my dream world where I can afford them.

First Dibs stool. Duh. Awesome lucite and even crazier faux-croc upholstery = serious glam.

This trim on the blue walls makes the whole room more tailored. Can you picture how crappy this would look if the walls were just blue with no trim?

Aaaand this simple sail over the bed takes the room from boring and unstyled to purposefully stark.

I don't know how many of these designs I'd ever actually use in my home...but I appreciate them for what they are nonetheless.

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