Saturday, 30 April 2011

Time to take stock

Alllll right people. With three months left on my lease, I'm already anxious to (hopefully) move in to a studio all by my big-girl self soon. I've decided to take stock of everything I own, so I know what I'll have to furnish my new place with as well as what colors, textures, etc I will need to eventually combine together into one big color story.

Here goes....don't judge, I moved across the country 8 months ago with just one load of possessions :)

  • bed with dusky purple sheets, grassy green duvet, shams, accent pillows, etc
  • DIY headboard that my mom and I made. It's beautiful.
  • brown silky curtains that are currently covering my closet
  • cane-backed chair with dusky purple velvet cushion
  • beautiful light purple antique desk (my FAVORITE thing I own, which I use as a vanity)
  • dark wood bench with dusky purple velvet cushion that I use at the vanity (I sanded and restained it a dark stain before I moved from MN)
  • dark side table with beautiful mirrored cobalt top (sanded/restained the same stain as the bench before I moved from MN
  • 2 lucite lamps
  • 1 small plant stand used as bedside table
Living room/dining room:
  • 15 feet worth of (cheap!) gauzy white full-length curtains (which, now that I think of it, I shouldn't paint/tweak until I move because the colors I end up using may change)
  • 2 coffee tables: one dark wood that I'm redoing, and one white/bright blue/black that I've already redone
  • 1 floor lamp
  • 1 bench painted white/grey/bright blue
  • dining table painted white/grey
  • blue chair, found on my lawn one day
  • grassy green vintage hamper (literally from my Grandma--I love it!)
  • 1 large lucite lamp (with white shade that I plan to paint/cover)
  • 2 plants: 1 aloe with large geometric yellow holder, 1 small blue holder with cactus
Art I made:
  • "In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul," small squares/rectangles
  • fuschia/yellow/lime flying bird art, 18X24"
  • giant flying bird art: blue, purple, navy, pink, green, yellow, 2 3X4 foot panels, vertically stacked
  • 1 long skinny painting of Chile with grey frame, maybe 6"x1'?
  • 1 painting of the sun with white frame
  • 1 framed "Feel Beautiful" magazine tearout
Art I bought:
  • small (3"x4") boy playing guitar (from Honduras)
  • view of Vina del Mar cityscape (from Chile), perhaps 18"x24"
  • watercolor map of the world, 12X15"
Moral of this story? I'll need more seating (couch, duh!), I should hold off painting the curtains, and I'm not going to buy/make a rug until I move into the new place. Done.

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