Thursday, 7 April 2011

Small-space ideas (edited)

I'm pondering breaking my lease early to move into a cute little studio, mostly because the house I live in now is just too much space for the way I live in it (i.e. to eat and sleep).

So I've been gathering small-space ideas as inspiration. See?

Amber made those beautiful curtains, you can too!

A pretty screen delineates bedroom space from living areas

If you can't put holes in a wall, this screen would be a pretty, classy way to hang art and other decorative items

This person crafted an office area out of the littlest space

Stuff can be kept out in the open if they're gathered in an interesting container, like this old box.

Mirror on mirror bounces light around a small space AND brings in a little extra design zing.

Small-space table perfect for two. I think she made these, wish I could remember where this is from.

Might need a daybed but have no money for one. Enter: palatte bed.

In a studio it can be important to delineate zones. This seems like an easy DIY that could be accomplished with paint chips, a hole punch, and wire or string.

Small space that still is well-designed.

Another daybed idea

Good furniture placement

Screens can be used to sort spaces too. This looks like an easy DIY. Good small-space furniture arrangement too.

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  1. I think decorating small spaces can be so much more fun..definitely requries more creativity in some way. These spaces look great! x decor is like butter