Sunday, 27 March 2011

Roommate Move-out solution

One of my roommates is moving out. She happens to be the roommate who brought all of the living room furniture with her except the 2 coffee tables which are mine. Bummmmmer....but of course it has my mind racing with what amazing design I can use to replace her stuff.

There will be a lot of newly-empty wall space....Perhaps a simple shelf filled with little figurines that represent different places I've been? Nevermind that I have neither a shelf nor a collection of figurines...

This doesn't really help my new place ideas but here's the full layout of the house that has been reposted a million kitchen!

I'm thinking about getting a simple cabinet and decorating it with nailheads...we don't really watch TV but it would be a good place to store some school stuff

This is basically my dream dining room. Colorful vintage ethnic rug, soft lambskin, modern chairs, built-in bench, and a cool rustic/industrial table. I could incorporate some of the ideas in our new living room design, namely the lambskin from Ikea

Speaking of traveling mementos....I should start collecting wine corks and writing on them who/what/where...

Fabric headboard hung from a towel rack

Vinny gave me some leftover color transparencies and I've been debating what to do with them...

This is the colorway I'm going with

Another solution to the storage cabinet idea...glue on decorative molding and spraypaint it all

Looooove these breezy blue summery!

Possible design idea for the nailhead trim....lamp is pretty sweet too

I'm going for an eclectic-collected look in the room

Prettier than a bunch of boxes!

paint the front faces of a simple desk....I like the white on wood look

Tiny here, but the top left print would be easy enough to do with cardstock and a paper cutter. Could be beautiful and very visual

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