Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Here's another DIY idea dump...Enjoy.

Lamp liner matching the wallpaper....a little over the top. But also the kind of attention to the details that a good designer employs.

Lately I've been really into lampshades lines in gold.

From The Decorista. I like the finished look of the ceiling trim as a valance.

Two things I like from this Miles Redd room: the door edged in a contrasting color, and the detail on the door (embroidery tacks?). Honor than that (and honestly, I'm usually a huge Miles Redd fan) I think this room is pretty fug.

Looks like it'd be easy enough to create this little cushy bench. Pier one cushion, chunk of stained wood plank, and some legs. Boom.

Speaking of DIY the hairpin legs.

And speaking of embroidery tacks....I like how this little design really elevates the whole piece.

Easter egg garland made of paint chips.

Dress up some boring cabinets with a tape/paint lines in a contrasting color

Paint can also be used to create faux architectural detail. I like how there's a double white trim with teal in the middle. Allllll in the details.

And speaking of architectural details (you like how all these things connect? Man I'm good.... ;) I think the nontraditional choice to paint the trim a color (not white or wood) really makes this room pop.

There's a great tutorial for the screen in the background on the blog Katuut Marut, which I had the link to and was all ready to post....then my laptop freaked out. They were just on Design Sponge with a link to their DIY job so you can check there?

Hope you were inspired!

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