Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Snowy day inspiration

Will spring EVER come?!?! Today's been pretty bad, guys. Stayed at my boyfriend's last night and forgot my hairdryer so I look like crap for 2 important meetings today, missed my train in 2 different locations, bf's drink spilled all over my skirt, PLUS it's rainy/slushy/snowy/freeeeezing and I only brought my spring jacket! Yikkkkkeeessss. So to compensate....enjoy these pretty pictures and join me in wishing I were there :)

Life can't be that bad if you live in a lavender and chartreuse bedroom...

Or this sunny living room! Love the cheery yellow chairs, the lucite coffee table, and the great pillows

It's GREEN out that window!! Also, love the pink/blue combo, especially that painted trunk. I'd love to read a book on that chaise too.


So much sun! Will it EVER come??!

Also, welcome new follower Anna! Happy to have you :)

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