Friday, 1 April 2011

Genius product

  • Remember how I talk about liking the look of a piece (cabinet, mirror, armoire, whatever really) with mirrored fronts and a graphic wood overlay? Like so....

And so...

And so...

And so...

And so?

You get the point. Weeeelllllll via someone's blog post (I'm sorry I don't remember, I'm trying to get better at keeping track of sources I promise!) I discovered THIS:
Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. Makes any glass look like mirror. I see a project in my future....involving cheap glass, my boyfriend's work's laser wood cutter, and this paint. Anyone tried this? Or crunched numbers to find out if, when doing a whole new project (not just painting over already-existing glass/woodwork), is it cheaper to just buy mirror or to buy glass and paint it?

DIYs I want to try:
  • Probably cheaper to just buy mirror UNLESS you're trying to make irregularly-shaped mirror. I.e. if you had an existing project that had irregularly-curved glass (so you couldn't get mirror cut in that shape anyway) you could still get a mirrored look but don't have to stick to straight lines.
  • Painting old window panes. I always see these in antique/thrift stores and flea markets and I think that spraying the panes with this shit would bounce a whole lotta light around a room and give the illusion that it leads outside somewhere. Which I always think is nice.
Your thoughts?

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