Sunday, 17 April 2011

New apartment inspiration

So I'm not moving into a studio anymore. The roommate I don't really like is moving out, and a sweet new girl is moving in. Plus, with school, etc, I'm too busy to find a place and move. But the old roommate took with her nearly all the furniture in our house, so I get to redecorate! (Silver lining, people...silver lining).

Here's basically the exact color combo I'm planning...deep blue, grassy green, touches of yellow and some muted earthy accents

I like the jewel tones against the white walls, like at my house

I also want to start incorporating amore ethnic vibe, like perhaps painting a pattern on some curtains?

I'm digging the black and white stripes lately

Wish I had the money-money to have an awesome printed chair like this! Plus that deep blue dresser is beautiful

Jewel tones!

Purple with dark reddish-brown wood is beautiful.

I like open shelving more and more, especially if I had beautiful dishes like these

I'd live here.

I like the decorative accent of the green console table. Pop of color plus a little pizazz

So light-filled and beautiful!

The best is closed shelving down below, open shelving up top

I love this little couch! Beautiful pattern plus a mix of textures

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